Saturday, April 18, 2015

Are You Ready to Receive?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Siapkah Kamu Untuk Menerima?


Then Shiva said:
See, this is not about depriving people of something. 
This is not about depriving the world of receiving something, nor is it an effort to deprive the person to have the pleasure of giving something. 

It is just that instead of helping people to evolve where they will naturally receive the bounty of life, an un-evolved person, if you give him something, you will only overburden him. 
You will only destroy his life. 

If you are concerned about somebody's ultimate well-being, you must put him through the painstaking process of evolving himself to a higher possibility, where he will receive higher dimensions of life, where receiving just happens to him because he deserves it. 
If you gift a ton of gold to an ant, it will only crush the ant. 
It will not make the ant rich; it will only crush the ant.

So what you give, how you give, is very important. 
You don't just give because somebody is asking.


Dear all, recall few years back when GM Lu said "No more personal consultant for private matters"?
HE said only can ask about Cultivation techniques or Abhiseka!

However, "IN NO TIME" at all, HIS aides or care-givers or administrators OVERRULED HIS Statements and the Consultation for Private Matters continues or even became more earnest with Rumours of HIS Holiness' "Pending Retirement"!

Now, lets take a Good perusal of SELF and then those that are in HIS holiness Immediate vicinity, "managing" HIS Holiness All the time! :)

Remember the "Force GM Lu to Retire" saga?

GM Lu shared the Retirement Petitions during an event, and also said: The chosen successor is NOT READY!


Now: Draw upon what GM Lu has shared and Lotuschef's alleged gossips to your detriment!

Know why we can't be compassionate to YOU?

In fact, "Criticising or lecturing" you, are Truly Compassionate" attempts to Save You!

Am I Your Enemy?

The Ignorant You, the You that is still in Deep Stupor, the You that is all Tangled up in Sentient materials, ..... is in fact Your Greatest Personal Enemy!


Very very much out of your sentient grasp!!!

Want to "say sorry" and "repent" yet?

I said that you don't have to say sorry to me, but yourself, remember?

Remember GM Lu's statement: Believe or Not, Up to You!

In not believing GM Lu, you can never ever achieve Yoga!

In not believing me, you tell the world how ignorant and lost you are!

In misleading the mass against a True Yogi, you dug yourself a place deeper into Vajra or Timeless Hell!

Does your disbelief hurt GM Lu or Lotuschef?

Not even a wee bit! :)

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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