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Sharing: A Guru Always Takes You For A Ride

Book source: A Guru Always Takes You For A Ride, by Sadhguru
Video source: A Guru Always Takes You For A Ride

Sharing from Lotus CN

Of getting power, of being compassionate, and the tendency of asking.

I remember when you said that people might pray to you and ask for many things to you, but it's up to you whether you want to give it or not. It's very true!

One has to evolve to such a level to have the capacity to receive such a boon.

This is why the fundamentals of knowledge and mindset are very important, as you've been stressing again and again.



In the Shaiva lore, Shiva narrates many stories and incidents to highlight the limitation, to highlight the trouble that one can get into just by giving indiscriminately - the trouble that both the giver and the receiver can get into by simply giving somebody something for which they are not yet ready. If they had evolved their life to a point, to that which they desire, it would anyway happen; but before they reach there, they want to have it.

If you receive something before you evolve yourself to a point where you are ready to receive it, the great gift may become a great curse. There are any number of people on the planet who manage to somehow manipulate situations to get something that they want and suffer immensely because of what they receive. They would be better off with just the desire, but by fulfilling the desire, they get into deep trouble. So both the giver and the receiver can be in a lot of trouble simply by giving something or by receiving something for which they are not ready.

Many times, human beings, once they reach a certain level of attainment, have an urge to be overly compassionate. Misplaced compassion always comes from your ego; you want to be the most compassionate person on the planet. Wherever anybody needs anything - reach out. This is not coming from any kind of understanding, wisdom, or awareness. This is coming from wanting to be the best or the most. You know, whatever you do, you want to be the most.
Wherever you go, even if people say, 'I am stupid', people want to say, 'I am the most stupid person in the world.' Even there, they want to stand first. Somehow they want to be the best - one way or the other. 'I want to be the most intelligent, or I want to be the most stupid, I don't want to be lost in between. I don't want to be ordinary; I want to be somehow special.' So you want to be the most compassionate.

This problem is there among people - they want to be the most compassionate.

True compassion is not about giving or taking. 

True compassion is just doing what is needed. 

You have no preferences of your own; simply doing what is needed is compassion. 

You revving yourself up into a huge amount of emotion and reaching out to somebody is not compassion. 

This is just self satisfaction, devious ways to fulfill yourself.

Compassion is possible, genuine compassion is possible, when there is nothing to fulfill in you, you are just doing what is needed.

But always, if you get into a deep emotion and do something, you think that was a very compassionate moment. No, you are seeking self-fulfillment. I am not saying there is anything right or wrong with it, it is just that it is still coming from a certain inadequacy.

One overly-compassionate sage was indiscriminately disposing of people's needs. Because of his austerities, he had attained to a certain capability and he was giving it away.
So one day, Shiva called him and tried to advise him, “See, this is not good. The way you are dispensing gifts and boons to other people, this will not bring well-being to you, or to the people to whom you give. It may bring you much trouble, it may bring them much trouble, or both of you much trouble. So stop giving these boons. If people come and ask, it's okay, you don't have to give.”

Parvathi, Shiva's wife, who was sitting there, said: “Oh, my Lord, how is this possible? As it is, there are very few people who are willing to give anything in the world. And the few men who are giving, you are trying to restrain them also - what is the point? At least a few men who are willing to give, let them give. You must explain this to me. This is not fair. There are very few givers: that also you want to discount and make it much smaller?”

Then Shiva said: “See, this is not about depriving people of something. This is not about depriving the world of receiving something, nor is it an effort to deprive the person to have the pleasure of giving something. It is just that instead of helping people to evolve where they will naturally receive the bounty of life, an un-evolved person, if you give him something, you will only overburden him. You will only destroy his life. If you are concerned about somebody's ultimate well-being, you must put him through the painstaking process of evolving himself to a higher possibility, where he will receive higher dimensions of life, where receiving just happens to him because he deserves it. If you gift a ton of gold to an ant, it will only crush the ant. It will not make the ant rich; it will only crush the ant.
So what you give, how you give, is very important. You don't just give because somebody is asking.

Now this traditional, what to say, temptation, that they have created in people - if you ever see a holy person, if you ever see a sage or a saint, first thing is, ask for what you want, it will happen. 

I am telling you, never ask, because if he is wise he will not give. 

But sometimes he is just in a state where he says okay. 

If he says okay, you are in trouble, because you will get something that you are not ready for. 

If you get things that you are not ready for, life doesn't become better, life only becomes a turmoil in so many ways.

So when you sit in a certain space, when you sit in a certain energy, if you notice a certain person or a place is creating a certain level of energy, it seems to be a little bigger possibility than what you are, that is the time when you don't think of anything, when you don't ask for anything, you simply sit. If you simply sit, you will get the necessary nutrient to evolve very fast, to mutate from one dimension to another. Once you grow into a certain possibility, everything that is possible in that dimension will anyway happen to you. If you do not grow into that possibility, but just aspire for that, then you are just bringing heaps of trouble upon yourself.




people don't have the keys, giving them even one also they can't use at all!

I also take you people for RIDES all the time!

TO progress to the next, One must have the necessary to cross or climb to the next level

Really not my fault that people can't cultivate well n their lots are getting worse or poorer or sickly!

I am planning to do mini puja at home
then incense for the Homeless spirits, eg n cg all can burn downstairs after the puja
real good too

so i can do 7 a day or one daily!

Dear all, remember I always say these: In terms of cultivation, Don't have means Don't have, can't bluff Self what more others!!!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


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