Sunday, April 19, 2015

沉思 Reflections!

Sharing: A Guru Always Takes You For A Ride

Sun Ng Yeah, most sayings aren't as simple as they sound/seen by words, and most neglected the insight meanings of what's been said or written but to hear and sees surface values of things and situations. 
It a good article pinpointed right to the core. 
Thank you for sharing.

Dear all,
YES!  most are very surfaced and didn't bother to dwell into depths.

Case 1: 
ZZ, a fellow student for about 20 years: have a pool of followers that THINK that he cultivated well!
However, Most didn't realise that they are Wrong and ignorant to follow anyone AND Failed to seize control of their own Fate or Lives! :)

ZZ, who is 40+ years in age, said to me: I still want to have children from my marriage!
He is onto his second marriage, and his wife gave birth to a child months later, after his pronouncement! :)

If you pay attention to GM Lu's sharing, or his written ones, did you pickup on "No Leak" Dharma?
GM Lu shared the concepts again in recent speeches too!

Having children and the coupling act between male and female, caused "Leaks" of Vital essence or Bindu drops. Thus this person can't achieve or attain a Pureness to successful Higher Tantra Yoga or the Inner Yoga.


Your faith or belief in ZZ is sadly misplaced!

Case 2:
At a chapter in Taiwan, during the 2011 Chinese New Year Festive period:
Reverend LS handing out credit-card sized printouts with Maha Marici Boddhisattva printed on one side and GM Lu, on the other.
I was travelling with 2 busloads of fellow students.
They were waiting in line to get these printouts and in return, "paying" for them with $$$-filled red packets.

I came upon into the chapter proper and the reverend was giving out to the last few students.
I went forward to look and upon finding out what were being given out in this exchange, I walked away.

However, the reverend came out loud and strong, sarcastically saying: You think you cultivated so well that you don't need GM's Blessing!

So I walked back and took one from her. 

What is she about?

Promoting Fixation! 
AND Selling GM Lu, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng!


Remember: If you believe GM Lu is a Living Buddha, THEN you really don't have any need for stuff alleged to be Bless by GM!

AND, the "routine" of getting blessing from GM Lu through "Mo-ding" Physically, is also not needed when You realised what a True or Authentic Living Buddha can do! :)

NOW: Did you listen and understand the speech on Adharma or AdiBuddha?

Just ONE!

Don't waste time chasing the frivolous which can make things worse and not better for you!

Absolute Trust or Faith or Belief in your Root Guru, is all that you need, because this Guru will ensure you stay FOCUS on the path to Nirvana or Buddhahood! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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