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遇見本尊 Meeting with Principal Yidam ?

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 241_遇見本尊
GM Lu's literary collection > 241 Meeting with Principal Yidam

 Above: My Root Guru, His Holiness, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng.
I MET him at 5am. on 4 August 2008, after taking refuge at about 8.30pm on 3 August 2008.

 Above: Yellow Jambala, or the Northern Heavenly King, whom I met during my refuge on 3 August 2008, in Singapore. He was the Principal Yidam of that session.
AND in Seattle days before my ordination ceremony, in the form of a fellow student, who exhibited HIS aura!

 Above: Padmasambhava, I met HIM, hours before Saturday Cultivation session in Seattle. In Meditation, HE shows me "Cloudless Fine Sky" filled with Golden Vajra or Dorje, arranged in "Diamond" shapes.

 Above: Acala, my buddy, appears frequently after refuge, in front of me, to my Right hand side.
Also a friend sitting in the back seats of my car, sighted him on the roof of my car looking at her. :)

 Above: Bodhidharma, whom I met in Hong Kong at the Lotus Light Charity HQ.

 Above: Milarepa, whom I encountered in the form of a Thangka, displayed at a Nyingma gallery locally. When I met the reincarnation in Houston, I positively said to the dining companions that he is Milarepa.
And months later, GM Lu announced publicly that this student is Milarepa's reincarnation.

Above: During a Fire Puja session, I encountered Sharpyinma!

  • 融合與自身壇城 Merging with Own Mandala
  • 顯相有意義嗎?Is there Meaning in Showing Form?
  • << 我們在世俗諦中,最要緊的是不執不惑,隨它來,隨它去。
    In worldly perspective, the most important is Not Fixated Not Confused, let it come or go.

    Whereas in Elemental Truth, our view on [show form] produced when in [Void nature], do not extend fixation, let it show or hide, as long as we use [Understand Nature] to feel it.

    Important point is to Understand [One's own heart's nature]. >>

Dear all, 
What is the Criteria as shared by GM Lu, on "Meeting with Principal Yidam"?


I humbly suggest: You go gather all that GM Lu has shared in books or speeches and pick out the Keys for you to successfully meet with Principal Yidam.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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