Saturday, April 4, 2015

Healing - Renal Failure 治疗 - 肾病

The above: Screen shots of GM Lu during the Ksitigarbha Event today, 4 April 2015, at Taiwan Caotun LZS.


28 Aug 2014 14:42 - PP: 莲厨法师請教 赤子之心讲什么? {Lian Chu Fashi, what is [Innocent Heart of Child]?}

28 Aug 2014 14:44 - Lotuschef Lama: <Media omitted>

28 Aug 2014 14:55 - PP: 听不到讲什么 {Can't hear what you said}

28 Aug 2014 19:19 - Lotuschef Lama: 你有时间来新加坡才讲给你听。
{When you have time to visit Singapore, will explain to you.}


1 Apr 14:53 - Lotuschef Lama: 我想找时间帮你学热肾。看5月可以安排时间去你家
I would like to help you learn "Warming Kidney". See whether can arrange time in May to visit you.

1 Apr 14:55 - PP: 0K



Dear all, 
Both topics were shared by GM Lu in today's speech.

PP suffers from renal failure and needs dialysis 3 times a week.

While chatting with GM Lu in the early morning hours of 1 April 2015, he indicated that it is Time to help PP with his kidney problem.

Well! On 4 April 2015, 3 days later, GM Lu shared practice of Divine Water to heal damaged kidneys!!! :)

In Traditional Chinese Medical Practices, "Kidney warming" is a method of treatment for those with Renal failure.

Like the "Divine water" practice, Kidney warming is yet another method to "wake up" or "revive" the kidney.

Both methods if combined will be even more effective too! :)


Both methods need One who can Mobilise Qi Energy well around his/her own body!!!

External help is limited!

GM Lu said need to do regularly for healing or good health! :)

Yes! There was a case that GM Lu mentioned, in which a student practice Jin-mu exercises of kidney warming and she has no need to go for dialysis anymore after a period of regular practice.

<< Disclaimer:-

I hereby stress that I cannot promise positive results!

Outcome depends on the Individual's diligence and nothing to do with me! :) >>

When I eat, I am repleted, but not you!
So You have to eat to appease your own hunger too!

For PP, I met him on 2 April 2015 and gave him some basic instruction on Kidney Warming.

Dear all, have you put in due diligence for the 9 steps breathing practice?
If not, it is close to impossible to help you heal kidney or become healthy!

Cheers All

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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