Sunday, April 26, 2015

TBS' Students Immeasurable 「真佛宗」的弟子无量

Screenshot: GM Lu at the beginning of 25 April 2015 session.




Summary: TBS' students or those that take refuge are all beings of the 6-realms. therefore, No Differentiation, all the same and all can take refuge.

In HIS speech today, GM Lu explained why TBS students is said to be 5 millions! :)

As per Sakyamuni Buddha, 500 Arhats means alot, can't count.

Dear all, having the Affinity to take refuge with GM Lu, a Living Buddha, you are indeed blessed, agree?


So why are the majority of students wasting their limited time chasing Sentient Materials and yet to throw away their Sentient Mindsets?

Let me tell you, the Day when you truly wake up and realised all that you have done are harmful to yourself and detrimented your own well being only, You should start with [Saying Sorry] and [Vow that You will not repeat the same].

YOU save yourself!

Actually, You can't call yourself a TBS student when you negate all the GM Lu has shared or taught all these whiles.

Titles or not, ordained or not, really don't matter an iota. 

This is also in GM Lu's speech yesterday with regards to the slanders and scoldings hurled at him all these past 40+ years.
GM Lu again stressed that these negatives don't matter at all and he still lives life happily all the time!


Likewise, to all that tried or attempted to "down" Lotuschef, do you truly know Lotuschef or know enough to effect any harm?

You  have failed!

Lotuschef is as GM Lu said, living life daily in happiness and carefree too!

Come discover Pure Karma and learn how to be happy and carefree too!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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