Monday, April 20, 2015

做生意 Doing Business

LL: Do you think that ppl realised that I am doing them a favor by writing them off n forcing them to stand alone? :)
Guess most joined hands thinking to force me "out of business"! :)

like LY fashi said: You not doing business 你都不是做生意的! 
how can you push away clients怎么把客人推走!
to her, fellow students are clients that she can make $$ from! How sad!
Sun, 11:16 PM
[Note: I told this fashi that I will tell those that want to pay for consultation of personal matters that I will give them 20 minutes, upon the expiry of the 20 minutes or during the 20 minutes, I can choose not to answer or give any comments. It is up to them to accept or not!
What's wrong in being Honest? Some people just need to have someone hear them out! :)]

BB: it needs a good knowledge and wisdom to stand alone and trust that it'll be okay as long as they know how to do things right

LY fashi is the common case of most reverends i guess
when she chose to get ordinated, she should have a strong foundation and clear path to take
otherwise by trying to create a vendor-client situation, she's confusing herself

LL: viewership from Russia is high these few days!
someone just discovered our blog

most reverends in TBS are sentient minded. and acting out what they think a reverend should be
like lian lai said, I must spend more time to learn how to be a reverend!

BB: yes, with english articles, it can reach more to people worldwide

LL: although the numbers are not as much as previously, I am happy with current numbers as it is better to have genuine interest than those that click for fun or like YY, "showing support"! :)

BB: yes, far more useful for the readers who can benefit from your writings

Dear all, are you one of those that "Commercialised Religion"?

In other words, "Sentient orientated Religion"?

Wake up please!

The Truth is:-
Supporting GM Lu means you are supporting the propagation of Authentic Buddha Dharma!
Also supporting the succouring of "lost beings"!

How come you are in the "lost beings"? :)

Padmasambhava had said that "those that are genuinely propagating Buddha Dharma and succouring beings, will never be left destitute or wanting. Their survival or daily needs will be well cared for.

See the Genuine Yogi that live simply or frugally, dedicating their time and resources to help others?
See also those that "Laps up Luxury" and act out sentient perceived forms?

Most think that they are to be treated with reverence and cared for in a luxurious way as they are ordained and a class or classes above others or laypersons.


These are the ones that will never reach any "levels" or ultimate Buddhahood, BECAUSE they lack the Infinite Compassion for all beings, and also can't develop any Universal Wisdom which are inherent of all Buddhas.

We come back to Absolute Faith and also the Breaking Free or Breaking Through when you understand Waking Up!

I am a real good business person in the sentient minds, because I fixed a High Fee for my services!

Question is: Can you pay the price, agree?

Please refer to:


Pure Karma does not believe in catering or pampering those that think they need these and that for Personal Enhancement!

Pure Karma also does not give Special Privileges to anyone who think that they are special and must be treated with reverence and given priority attention or services!

Now, Think!

You need Pure Karma or Pure Karma needs you?


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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