Sunday, April 19, 2015

18-4-2015 What's in GM Lu's Speech?



LL: I finished my homework for today!!!  :)

People with Wisdom does things easily n without much hardship! 
Thats GM Lu's message when putting up the comparison of 2 VMs who are abbots of seattle n tw temples

but to be fair to tw abbot, the capacity is more than 10 times that of seattle :) :) :)
Apr 15, 5:16 PM

[NOTE: In today's speech, GM Lu said that in Seattle, the attendees are few and "Mo-ding" takes about 5 minutes, whereas in Taiwan, can take up to 1 to 1.5 hours.]

AA: yes, because they know what to do the best way at the time with their wisdom

LL: today's yidam is yamataka
Apr 18, 3:37 PM

AA: yes
can you connect to the livecast?
Apr 18, 3:42 PM

LL: yup
using my samsung tablet
Apr 18, 3:44 PM

AA: ok, i try to connect from tablet
i am unable to get from pc
Apr 18, 3:45 PM

LL: In dedication: GM mentioned Future of Equality and Infinite
Apr 18, 4:29 PM

AA: 🙏 [palms together ]
Apr 18, 5:18 PM

LL: today's speech very Zen!
Even the named directions really not important
Hehe! now on shimu n her Ego
Apr 18, 5:31 PM

LL: ain't I like the new wave politician? daring to speak up, irregardless of status or wealth!!! Hehe!

Stress purity again too!
thats why from start to finish, One needs "pure karma", agree?

Apr 18, 5:47 PM

[NOTE: During his maiden speech sometime on or about October 2009, Lian Xiang Fashi said: GM's speech contains "What can say and also What cannot say!" 
To those that have reached some level of Realisation, there is no "Can say and Cannot say"! ]

AA: wah seems very interesting
i will wait for the record, the connection was unavailable today
hahaha i think you're the one who is brave enough to strip them in public
Apr 18, 6:47 PM

LL: GM actually revealing the true status of his family
[NOTE: Breaking Free from Sentient Forms.]

AA: yes, i heard just a bit in between the connection, that he was controlled by shimu and the daughter

LL: ya. n the son is I don't care
beyond control!

It's also important to carry out promises too


Dear all, 
In each and every speech that GM Lu shares, you can pick up Critical Keys to cultivation and in route to Wisdom.

Are you getting to gradually understand GM Lu's sharing more and more? :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

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