Tuesday, April 7, 2015

新屋安土地 Setting Altar for Earth Deities

AA: 早上好,这几天是否有好日子安地主新屋?
属 X, Y.
Good Morning, these few days have good day to set altar for earth deities for new house?
Please help check.
Zodiac: X, Y

After one day:
Lian Chu fashi go where?


These are time consuming to attend to.
And almost a daily occurrence too! :)

To all fellow students and members of the public, please do not think that a Reverend has plenty of time to attend to your requests or demands or whims, at your convenience or your will!

This is my answer to AA:-

1. 需要屋主的出生年份级生肖。
Need the Year of Birth and Zodiac of House Owners

2. 费用-新币 XXX
Fees - SGD  XXX

3. 诚心的供奉
Sincere offering

Do on own will

2. 然后,诚心的供奉。
Then, sincere offering.

供任何神灵,神明,都是要不断的 [诚心的供奉]!
All Deities and spirits need Continuous [Sincere Offering]!

土地神与灵, 每家每户都有。
Earth Deities and spirits, every household have.

Can no need to set altar.

只要做大供养时, 下化 [6 道众生]就包括所有土地神灵。
Only during Great offering, need to Transform downwards for [Beings of 6 realms], which includes earth deities and spirits.



I also received lots of IDD calls (which I do not answer).
Failing to get a response from me, text messages flood my "Chat boxes", which I also do not answer.


If you think you need my services for Matters of Convenience for a Personal & Private nature, to enhance your life like getting rich and etc., Please pay consultation fees up front!

Let me tell you honestly, if you are charitable and kind to all you meet, you won't need anything!

Go study the Heart Sutra before you think you need this and that to live well or better than others!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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