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真/假比丘? True/False Monk? [3]

    [ Look closely at those that uses Doctrines to get their ways!
    Hahaha! they have yet to understand and apply what Dharma truly is!
    They still think of a Supremacy over others they considered as "lesser beings", like they kick the dog wandering on the streets without a collar but praise the one on a leash all dolled up by its owner.
    It is all about control and maintaining the control they crave so much over others.

    In other words: Keeping you always under their controls.
    I humbly suggest you look closely at the Monks and the Nuns.
    Some monks have a female behavior while some nuns are very male.
    As one cultivate, one already drop the differentiation of Gender far behind as one can Transform at Will.
    Hahaha! Believe it or not, truly up to you.

    One's body truly undergoes physical as well as spiritual changes along the path of cultivation.]


Dear all,
If you understand what happened to us after dying, then you will be free from Fixation and insisting that the Rules & Disciplines Must be adhered to, As per your Personal Interpretation! 


I still recall an incident at Xiang Hua LZS before GM Lu's arrival.
Arriving late, monk Z grabbed a chair and regardless of those already sitting, he moved swiftly with that chair and brushed roughly past Nun Y, and the chair in his hand almost hit Nun Y on her head.

When Nun Y told him to watch his way carefully, Monk X glared angrily and condescendingly back at Nun Y then telling her "How dare she a nun voices criticism at him, a Monk".

I have shared this incident in this blog before.

This is about the 8 Respect Practices 八敬法, during Sakyamuni's lifetime.


Disciplines in Buddhism, are Guidelines for Self, to prevent One from straying off the Bodhi Path!

Anyone attempting to use these to subdue, control or dictate to others are Truly False Monks or Nuns!

Also, being a ordained longer than others, if not exhibiting any results of due diligence in cultivation, these reverends are False too! 

Now, why did GM Lu bring up those that are successful in cultivation and these yogi are laypersons too!

Being ordained is not an automatic to being a True Yogi!

After a long period of being ordained, say more than 10 years, if you still have lots of or full of Human Traits of the various poisons or non-virtue, You are a great failure!

I humbly suggest that You keep quiet and don't brag, but use your time fruitfully to put diligent efforts in cultivation!

Isn't it real sad to waste your lifetime with a Human Shell away?

As per GM Lu, he is much sadden with those that drop deep into Hell and Timeless Hell at that and impossible to save them!

Someone asked: Are you going to do Bardo delivery for AA?

I said: It depends on Affinity of AA with Buddha, not up to me to choose.

From his photo, AA has already undergone great changes to the negative and bound for Hell.

We do not interfere with anyone's Karmic Course!

Astral or Transcendental Powers? 
No! Can't be use if the subject has no sincerity in Repentance!

The 49 days period of Bardo existence?
If Affinity arises, well after the 49 days, we can deliver these spirits with ease too!

GM Lu said after homa event several times: So and so came and walked into the Homa Fire, got Cleanse and delivered!

So those with Affinity can come to our Homa events, and get Cleanse and Delivered too! :)

Look closely at the Homa fires, you might be able to pick out figures of various spirits too!

But, be Wise, only those True Yogi can invoke the presence of divinities to grace their events and do the necessary in Blessing and Delivery!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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