Monday, March 2, 2015

解梦 Dream Interpretation?

In this dream, I come upon PF, a politician.
I noticed that he wasn't that well.
I gave him some health advice.
After he left, he sent one of his aides to invite me to lunch.
I turned the invite down, thanking for the invite.

Then PS, PF's son, also a politician came into view.
He has injured his Right ankle.
I tried to put a bandage with available material (gem-blue colored strip of elastic cloth) to support his ankle.

Why "Tried"?
Because he can't keep still and also there are many people pushing him one way or another or jotting him off balance!

PS' wife appeared to help too.
Somehow, I got the bandage on soon after that without any help! :)

They also invited me to lunch, which I also refused.

I went off to where my transport is waiting with a few fellow students.
There was a group of young people handing out leaflets to get people to attend their religious meeting.

I mischievously played with them and then a large gathering appeared to listen to me answering questions posted by this group of young persons.

PS & his wife somehow joined the group and stood near me.

I had no choice later, but accept their invite for a meal.

At the dining hall, we met PF and family!

Thus, I ended up dining with PF!

Upon waking, I chatted with GM.

GM told me that sometimes I need to accept "offering" from people, in order for them to have a chance to give offering to Sangha and get much needed blessing.

PS, the politician, seem to be right-handed and injured right ankle which somehow hard to bandage, probably means Hindrances in the political arena for him ahead and not easy to overcome.

Bandages are mostly to secure or support injuries.


These are my own views only!

You can take it anyway you choose.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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