Monday, March 9, 2015

Possessed 附身!


AA, a fellow student, "collapsed" during abhiseka and also later when I met her after the event.

It seems that some "bright spark" pressed her "He-gu" accupoint so hard that surface above the accupoint swelled!

When I met her after the event outside temple, under one of the shelters, she went limp too and drop to the ground.

I keep talking to her and tell her to chant GM's mantra.
A fellow student offered some homa ashes & I dotted them onto her forehead - Tian Xin; Throat chakra & Heart Chakra.
Another came and placed some talisman against her back.

After this, I explained to all that we do not fight the spirits with Talismans or use force to expel them.
We watch over the victim and slowly negotiate with the spirit to forgive and let go.

We Must Not anger the spirit at all!

Of course, we do not let the spirit harm its' victim too!

BB, also a fellow student, had similar "attack" after passing through the abhiseka banners.
When I sighted her, her spouse was helping her.
She is breathless and crying and I can see she is very scared.

Seeing that what the spouse did and is doing is not working, I went to lend a hand.
Sitting BB down and then giving her blessing from the pendant of my chanting mala, I then proceed to instruct her to chant GM's mantra.
As she was doing that, I talk to the spirit and then "palmed" seed syllable "Hom" from her mid-spine upwards 3 times, to help her expel congested stale energy and then fill her with light.

The spouse kept scolding her saying that she didn't want to cultivate, thats whey always "collapse" at events!

I told the spouse that he has a very fierce look in his eyes and he should not force anyone to cultivate at all.
I also explained to him that Affinity has to be present for one to wish to cultivate and maintain regular cultivation too. :)

Then he laughed and his fierce aura changed or disappeared. :)


Dear all,
if you witnessed the above, please learn to stay calm and provide the necessary help.
If you can't don't injure the victim with your ignorance, please.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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