Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rules of the Sentient Game 2 - Comment [D]

Study the above photo carefully, please.
Look at the expression of all present.
What kind of atmosphere had GM created?
It helps to figure out homages! :)


The homage as expected by the king was different from Padmasambhava/Vimalamitra.
The King expected an act of bowing-down to show a reverence towards a person of higher status (and in this case being the "King") and a customary.
But, the one from the latter is different in that the subject and object of homage are the same and "one".

// And one's karma brought about returns, so the king's pride caused fire to light up corresponding to the degree of his stubborn pride or ego!

So the problem here is the "pride" or "ego".

I think this verse is should be the advice for the king: "I pay homage by being indivisible from the deity."

Free from the pride and ego, the essence of the deity is the all-encompassing buddha-nature and doesn't expect the homage either.
The quality is also stated in the part that says "The master neither bowed to the king nor paid homage before the divinities."

I would advise the king to be able to be indivisible from the master.

And this should also be the same as the one that GM said when he paid homage to all people, that he pays homage to the (the same) buddha-nature which exists in every single being.

The buddha-nature is one and not separated. 
So there is no subject and object to pay homage to.
If the king knew this, he won't expect any kind of homage.

Cheers :)

You are almost there!

Think: you must advise the King in a way or method or "language" he can understand and Accept to Execute!

At that stage of Mindset, thus you need to read deeper to gauge his mindset and not pronounce anything about his "pride" or "ego" at play.

Not so easy after all?
:) :) :)


Dear all, the mechanics of Dharma is such that the Yogi or Cultivator applies Dharma knowhow as ONE Whole Entity and not separate them!


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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