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讓我點起一盞燈 Let Me Light a Lamp

Terjemahan Indonesia: Biarkan Aku Menyalakan Sebuah Pelita

English Summary Translation by Lotuschef Lama.
It is best that you do your own translation for a version that best suit you and one that you can comprehend. :)
The following is yet another article written about GM's Retreat at Leaflet Lake.
Immerse yourself to understand GM better! 

Enjoy! :)

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 167_靜聽心中的絮語


While in retreat at Leaflet Lake, every time when night falls, the surrounding is tranquilly dark, as if Heaven and Earth is a great beast that swallowed up all brightness.

Shut up in a little house, I only light one lamp, this lamp lit up my hand, pen, writing paper, and also the spiritual thoughts of my mind.

Why only one lamp?

The answer is very simple, my daily living is very frugal, and [save electricity].

If [Writing Articles] reaps abundance, then within these years of retreat, I have not been lazy, I planted each word by word, each day, each night, I have long forgotten when it is Saturday or Sunday. 
I practically do not have a rest day.

In the darkness of night!
I transform into this lamp!
To prevent this world from becoming infinitely empty!

As to the Saha world, I am dumbfounded, my eyes do not see own hope, ears do not hear wonderful music sheets, my heart do not have any shreds of desire, and at this moment I recall --
Eyes do not see.
Ears do not hear.
Heart do not know.
This is Purity - clean, peaceful, tranquil....

Deity Tai Shang said:
Top Earth no dispute,
Bottom Earth love dispute,
Top Merit (HeavenlyBeing) not for merit,
Bottom Merit (earthly being) all fixated on merit,
Those fixated ones do not understand the path merit or virtue.

I realised peaceful silence or tranquility, at the extreme of peaceful silence or when there is no more peaceful silence, desire or craving do not arise, and this is term as [True Silence].

Now, I only light up one lamp, guarding mountains rivers great earth (means the world), this lamp is considered as my incessant chatter, the inner most secrets of my heart!

This lamp's light level might not be very big, many worldly people might not see it, or no one knows about it.

But, I still light it, when I am away from all for these many years, or never meet again, or both treasure the time when we meet again.

在黑暗之中,我點這一盞燈,什麼是身清淨、口清淨、意清 淨,什麼是「真靜」,我要讓大家有亮光。
In the darkness, I lit this lamp, what is Purity of Body, Speech, Mind, and what is [True Silence], I want to let all have brightness.


Dear all, 
Can you understand what GM is expressing?

Can you FEEL what he is feeling?

:) Immersing into the article means you learn to Yoga with GM Lu, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng!


Buddha Dharma or methods are infinite!

Reading and Immersing, is yet another dharma or method to eventual success in Yoga!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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