Thursday, March 19, 2015

清明祭祖 Qing Ming & Ancestor Offering

18 Mar 16:33 B : Hi Fashi
April5 is actual day for Qing Ming ?

18 Mar 16:33 - Lotuschef Lama: Yes.

B: So normally ppl pray one month before n after?

18 Mar 17:37 - Lotuschef Lama: praying to ancestors can be done anytime, my dear. but we do it 3 times a year, to help those that can't effectively do offering to their ancestors
They burn lots of stuff but ancestors can't get any. 😄
That's a difference. we cultivate n ensure offering is received

B: OK. I know. It's only i Have to convince my relatives no need go on actual day.😜

19 Mar 13:53 - Lotuschef Lama: Well? ppl are too fixated n they think must go actual day! However, Sincerity is the key. they can go to cemetery everyday or any day they are free to pay respect n say hi.
 It's the thought that count most. Some have tablet at home n do offering daily
Some don't want the tablet at home claiming no time to light a stick of incense!

B: Oh I also dun hv tablet at home lol

19 Mar 13:55 - Lotuschef Lama: Do not cos unhappiness. let them do whatever they think is right. Each one has their own level of wisdom or lack of it.
But u always participate in ancestors offering or events.
Also doing charity in which we dedicate to all beings. it's in our guiyi vows.

B: Ok
Actually I always see the qingming where people burn many boxes n other stuff, n I wonder do their ancestors really get it
Cos its all burnt together n the staff at temple just dump altogether
Although to me its meaningless, but still we have to go n pay respect n burn lol


Dear all
Any offering or dedication to your ancestors, karmic foes, fortune deities, ...... must be Sincere!

If you think that you must go do so on the actual day of Qing Ming, then so be it.

However, do not force anyone to follow your dictate!

Burning boxes and boxes of stuff might not be good too!

For the mindset of paying more correspond to your Filial level and thus appease your conscience that you have done Right, is a very foolish one. :)

Don't hurt any missiles at me though.

I have already explained that when you do offering at home or in the open, your "targeted recipients" might not receive any.
Its a Free for All and the Mightiest or strongest snatch all the offering for themselves.

This happened to many.

My mom & I always have dreams of my late Grandma hurdled in a corner of houses' roof to shelter from rain and she is cold too and her clothes are tattled & torn.
Verdict: She needs resources badly.

The food we offered to her regularly and the clothes, houses, money we offered her, all didn't get into her hands at all!

The masters that performed the Bardo delivery charges exorbitant sum for various rituals but they also didn't deliver as promised. My grandma is hanging loose and destitute!

Many pay huge sums every time to temples for ancestor offering, but are they effective?

Let me give you some pointers! :)

When there are much disharmony in a temple, means the spiritual world took over and all Deities & Divinities have left that place.
There is no longer Law & Order so to speak.
The Bullies, the aggressive & stronger spirits, took over and sort of conquer all "lesser" spirits.

In a local temple, the abbot is against burning of incense paper, as he wants to be environmental friendly and also he thinks these are superstitious nonsense.

During Ancestor offering events at Qing Ming, Zhong Yuan, ....; the temple place duplicated tablets of ancestor on rows of tables with incense and food offering for a price for those that wanted to do offering to their ancestors whose remains reside in some hall in this temple.

Others, just bring their own and do offering near the incense cages.


Money pollutes!
Some temples charges SGD 500/- per surname for ancestor offering.
The masters have scary looks and do you think your offering will be effective with no Divinities to ensure Law & Order?

The important point is : are you sincere in getting offering to your ancestors?

So have a good look at the abbot or the ones in charge, do they give you bad vibes?

An abbot that is against incense offering, creates negative energy and thus void the sincerity of offering!
Look at the monks in the temple too.
Are they fighting for sentient status or hierarchy or power struggling to be recognised and thus be wealthy?

I believe doing your own sincere offering is much better than paying these temples or fake masters that are not even ordained, who smoke profusely at ceremonies they conduct and swearing & cursing too.
If you look closely at these fake masters, they resemble animals mostly as most already into the animal realm with all the animal's characteristics too!

O! it is important that you chant Namo Amituofo or Guan Shi Yin Pusa or any other Divinity of your choice, when you burn offering.

Qing Ming festival is around the corner, be wise!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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