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翻译 Translation


Fashi dear,
Are these translations in the attachment reliable enough?
I was checking with the english book, especially the stanzas and the one that you're underlining.

Cultivation is to follow the direction to solve matters, falsely name Samadhi.

>> To use a name that is nothing but a makeshift, this [state of liberation] may be called Samadhi.
... and so on.

I need to make sure before translating this article since you use this one as the reference for other articles.




I am doing a direct translation from the written Chinese.
it is prudent for those interested to do their own research

When you follow the flow or the situational requirement, and execute dharma or methods for benefit of all, that is true cultivation.

You quote from someone's interpretation of Hui Neng's statements

Literally, the Chinese words means 任运自如 execute with ease or naturally

people must first understand Samadhi is a state whereby One is extremely pure and VOID.

no attachment to anything in Samadhi as hui neng said: No thought!

falsely named samadhi can also be Borrowing the name Samadhi because the Chinese word 假 means false or can also be someone borrow a name like the actors adopting different names in a show, or falsely claimed to be someone else.....

Chinese is very interesting n can be varied on different context of usage

the sentence you quoted only explain the last part of the Chinese one, and not the cultivation is to follow direction ......


Complicated stuff hah? :)

have fun!!!

Merci beaucoup for the clarification


Pretty tough!!!
Remember GM said as he was huineng, his version most accurate?

Also ppl using too many words to explain huineng's sutra, really don't understand Zen.
zen is minimal words or acts or body movement/language

too long winded then not Zen liao



The translator said: [state of liberation]. 
As per Zen Master Hui Neng, he does not advocate "giving birth to any forms" too.

Just like his ancestral guru, Bodhidharma, and specifically from his teachings of "Break through".

We should go dig out GM Lu's sharing and explanation of this sutra though, agree?


Also of importance, when translating Zen Sutras, the Middle Path Theory should always be taken into consideration, together with the "Formless" theory....

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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