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Rules of the Sentient Game! 凡间之游戏规则![2B]

The above photos show the strength of the fire during a homa event in Jakarta.
About a metre away from the fire, a  piece of tempered glass about 1cm. thick, cracked.

Dear all, if you look at all the photos of Pure Karma's homa sessions, you would notice that No one got burn by the fire.


Know why?

A:  Actually if i were the king, i would bow first, because i'm the party requesting the instruction from the guru.

I would request sincerely and honestly because i don't have any knowledge of buddha dharma. 😀
Would my cloth catch fire then?


AH! you shared the 3 pages from Lotus Born n the other one too about padma guru n king trisong.

The answer lies within!

You should start by writing:
I would advise King Trisong ...........

You are not the King and the topic is how you would advise King Trisong and not "If I were King Trisong ......"!


read your sharing again.

These are the First meetings between King Trisong & Padma guru n later Vimalamitra.

getting very interesting n fun !

A: Yes, because guru rinpoche thought of the problem in the piece of the article.

I would advise King Trisong not to be proud and arrogant and expect others to bow down to him just because he is the king.

His problem was suppossedly that simple. 😀



his problem is unlike most commoners, as he is the KING!

Thus accustomed to others paying him due homage by bowing or prostration!

As GM was King trisong, his version is the most accurate!

As per GM, Padma guru executed a bow n Trisong's clothes caught fire!

The write up is not very accurate as Padma guru has no ego nor pride to force the king to bow or be subservient.

The phrasing of the paragraph you shared on this matter needs correction.

Remember GM said to get people to start to believe, we can show them "powers" like healing, fortune telling, .....

Thats what is happening exactly here with padma guru n vimalamitra!

Padma guru wants to succour King trisong, so instead of following the respect paying to a monarch by bowing or etc., he did a slight one only.

as to his hands lighting with fire, hahaha!

A bit far fetch too for a true Yogi or buddha to use fire to subdue anyone, what more burning clothes n even part of his body!!!

Remember the Do Not Hurt Anyone for Yana One?

And one's karma brought about returns, so the king's pride cause fire to light up corresponding to the degree of his stubborn pride or ego!

People often "dig their own graves" by adding or enhancing their tales to crazy proportion without any basis of reference to TRUE or Authentic Dharma!!!

The account in Lotus Born is more acceptable though! :)

THINK: have you put in relevant effort?

You are shakeable with your views!!!!

& I evilly played with you too!

:) :) :)

A: hmmm.... your explanation is similar with the heaviness of the punishment in the hell. That the fire burns bigger with the level of pride one is having. That makes sense.

The king didn't understand previously when he was told that "... due to this fact, the symbolic deities cannot bear my gesture of respect."
And he was also asking "Why is it that you, a pandita, neither bow to the king nor pay homage in the shrine hall?"

But in the first hand, I also thought that the fire was not meant to hurt the king. If you read the one from Vimalamitra's part, the king knew what was wrong and he said "i beg you not to pay homage to me!"

Just like the article that you translated today about Reputation. I think the king must be quite stubborn for this kind of situation to happen several times.

But I agree mostly with your thought about yana one of not hurting anyone.
Thanks for the very nice pointer here. :)



Application of Buddha Dharma needs to draw upon all necessary philosophy!

This is what Execute at ease & at will is all about!

Vimalamitra's passages have more important keys though!
Read it again, especially his homage verses!!!

THINK: when 2 of them are stubborn n refuse to give in, that means that Padma guru is yet to be enlightened!

The Reputation thingy actually tells you that a true yogi or buddha do not need the Ego thingy!

Thats why the passage that you shared on King Trisong & Padma guru is written by a sentient mind! :)

i recall telling those that wanted or attempted to kneel down to pay respect to me that they can do so "only if they can see GM replaces me, and right in front of them"! :)

Many have seen "GM" instead of me too, remember my first visit to Medan?

Your problem is too quick to give your views without enough thought or pondering on the topic.
Also failed to pick the relevant keys to present your views.

At least, you got sparked & moved to do research and crack your brain!

Cheers dear

Dear all, 
Student A has yet to give a convincing answer on the Topic about advising King Trisong.

Would you like to help him?

Please do not take everything you read as the only truth, as most writers gave their own account and interpretation!
A Genuine student of Buddha would use the 4 Noble Truth and 8 Fold Path to help him first discern the truth and then use for the benefit of all.

GM said "disputes brought about disharmony" and not the True Path. :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Liana Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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