Friday, March 27, 2015

俗子凡夫 Sentient Being

The above is an announcement that read as:
[News from School Committee] March 2015 Core's meeting will be in Taiwan
VM Lian Ning and 7 committee will discuss Big Plans for School.

English Summary Translation by Lotuschef Lama.
It is best that you do your own translation for a version that best suit you and one that you can comprehend. :)

The verse in the above picture:
The thickness and heaviness (levels) of fortune & status, is accumulated from previous life,
Do not create bad karma, then can maintain the thickness and heaviness of fortune and status throughout the numerous lifetime.
If Self knows the thickness and heaviness of one's own fortune and status, but wasted or throw them away, in the future will remain as sentient being.


Dear all, 
Dig out your Dharma knowhow and lets have FUN!

This topic has already been set few days ago and I am pondering on how to do this assignment!!!

Grateful thanks one again to School Admin for providing the materials to help me! :)

Merci Beaucoup!

Now, in Middle Path Thesis, there is No "Big" or "Small", concur?

From GM Lu's article:
  • 只要是人都是邪 Evil As Long As Being Human Being

  • [我實實在在的告訴你:I tell you frankly:

    Scholars, farmers, workers, disciples, poor people, rich people, politicians, all are evil. Disciples of Tantrayana, Mahayana, those that cultivate Longevity, even Presidents are evil!


    All beings of Jambudvipa, all their thoughts and actions are [Karma].

    Your thoughts are too scary?

    Not really! Originally is like this.]


    TBS has been run by Sentient Beings all along and from the <Body Speech Mind> of each individual we can gauge whether they are Sentient or Divine, agree?

    Remember GM Lu saying that when there is Differences, Disputes result!

    O! When you think you are Divine, then you are not Divine, when you are not Divine then you are truly Divine! :)

You may ask: Then, what should School Committee do?


Adhere to nature and not create any karma!
Means Do not create Unhappiness in attempt to appease own's cravings for Sentient status, control, wealth,......

Always pay due references to One's Root Guru's sharings!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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