Wednesday, March 25, 2015

真瑜伽士 - 第三眼 A True Yogi - Third Eye

Many talked about their 3rd eye and its capabilities! :)

How many are lying to attempt to impress others or show off?

From the above photos, the Light Orbs and "personalities captured by instant cameras!

Thus, do we conclude that the cameras have "3rd eye capabilities"?

Hahaha! Hilarious!!!

GM Lu actually gave lots of info on "3rd eye capabilities" if you were truly attentive to his sharings.

Remember, M, a girl with "3rd eye capabilities" and her experiences shared in this blog?

  • 13-3-2011 Power of Mantra 咒的魔力 【1】
  • <<My breathing started becoming a little difficult because of the pressure on my chest, and my brain started getting foggy. I didn't open my eyes though as I was afraid of what I would see, but I mentally started chanting the "Zun Sheng Zou" over and over again. And about 5 to 7 repetitions, I felt the pressure lifting, and in my third eye, I thought I saw this greyish-green, irregular shape get blasted away by a pretty blue-purple round fireball (the fireballs I usually see).

    Shortly after this, I thought I saw in my third eye the back of Grand Master in his Long Pao and ceremonial Hat. [Grateful to GM for saving me.]>>

  • 13-3-2011 Power of Mantra 咒的魔力 【2】
<<Oops, yeah actually I was chanting GM's mantra.
=D Yes, it worked very quickly. I hope I didn't hurt the "thingy".
It's just that when I was surprised/ scared by it like that,
I did the first thing that came to mind
=D I don't exactly remember what the Jin gang did.

I don't know that I have power, but I tried to call upon GM's,
cause I know that he definitely does! =D

Dear all, at the initial stages, you have to close your "Human eyes" and then the 3rd eye "opens".

How do you know your 3rd eye has started to "work"? :)


Try this: When you go to bed at night, off the lights and get a towel or pillow to cover both your eyes.

You should be able to see brightness even with your eyes closed and also the additional barrier of a towel or pillow to block off any light source.

Shall we say that somehow, you are able to "retain" light "absorbed" by your "3rd eye"!  :)

As you progress, you can see Forms invisible to the "human eye", even with your "human eyes" wide opened. 

Remember that GM said: One glance or One look by Thubten Ksiti Rinpoche, can read subject's past, present, and future?
Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva's reincarnation, of course has all the capabilities of a True Yogi, concur?
One of the most important factor is being able to Yoga with any Divinity! 


Wisen up please!

Truly listen to GM Lu words, like : He said & you believe?

Yes! Don't listen and believe anyone but your one and only Root Guru!

That means, you can listen but use some wisdom though.

O! Me? You can consider that I talk rubbish if you like too! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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