Saturday, March 14, 2015

Assignment on "I can see GM close up" 我能近距离看师尊[1]

The above: Photos taken from where I am sitting!
My view of GM Lu? :)

The above: From website, TBSN.

Dear Fashi

Whoever said the above statement clearly didn't understand GM well.

GM mention even if he were to go pureland, he is still with us de. 
There is no need to see GM close up.

In my daily life, GM is always with me. 
He is always there, beside me, to guide me n help me. 
I can talk to him whenever I want, no need to be physically beside him.

信心[Faith] Is very important. 
Always chant GM mantra n visualize GM smiling at us showering white light upon us is the same as seeing GM close up.

The above is my view.


I spent many hours sharing Buddha Dharma with a group of students, and they came out with such exuberance when they were up close to GM on Sunday, 8 Matrch 2015, in Taipei's event venue, after the event!


These students are just not ready for further dharma sharing, agree?

Of course, their auras all tell the same story of "Not being able to grasp Buddha Dharma" !

Have a good look at those that can get close up to GM Lu though.

The above: From left, the 2 organisers or hosts of Heruka event. 

Go watch the video of the event, and have a real good look at all the VMs that GM Lu said that "most have yet to Yoga with Him"!

If you attended or watch the events on 7th & 8th March 2015, and still loss, do work harder or put in due diligence from Basics, such as Purification of Karmic Influences!

That is what [Pure Karma] is all about!

GM said that when your karma is pure or [body speech mind] is pure, then and only then you can yoga and attain Buddhahood!

Remember the article by GM in Rainbow Body Attainment [3]? 
[Appearance of Pure Light] or [净光出现]!

For the past two years, I have also refused to accept "gongyang" from host of events, as I do not want to shoulder others' Negative Karma! :)

Likewise, refusing to accept any forms of offerings from fellow students who show lack of Faith in GM Lu and his teachings! 

Frankly speaking, I just do not give them any time to waste away!

For all those that are sincere in learning Authentic Buddha Dharma from GM Lu, and can exhibit traces of diligence in Building Basics, or can answer my questions, I will give them plenty of time!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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