Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hinders Dharma Propagation 阻碍弘法

Pure Karma's course like many others, is faced with much hindrances from ignorants!

Attempts to break the continuity of our Dharma sharing online, and abuses from many ignorants to try to halt us or control us too! :)

Dear all, Pure Karma was bestowed by GM Lu sometime July-August of 2010.

Our blog has 6362 posts to date.

Did you face "bad luck" or "ill health" after hindering us?


We didn't do anything to anyone of you though.

Karma is always One's own responsibility, isn't it? :) was eventually given up by the one that gifted the domain to me, and Pure Karma acquired it again.

Patience is something we have in abundance too!

We halted Fire Homa sessions in most places because GM said the attendees don't show any improvement or advancement in Dharma knowledge.

Some even went to the extend of creating disharmonies amongst themselves!

Most of them wanted to "show off" to others that they are more superior in cultivation and the rest lesser ones!

Sad to say for these people with these mindsets, you don't understand Buddha Dharma!

GM Lu stressed the Middle Path thesis yet again, last Saturday. 

:) when will you wake up?

O! I shared the Wake Up Sermon by Zen Patriarch, Bodhidharma, have you benefited from it?

O! some like to "show off" transcendental powers that they don't own or possessed too!

ZZ asked YY to scan XX and attendees during cultivation.
He then thinks that these scans are accurate and HIS!

Sadly, YY has taken on the aura of a old lady after a while of listening to the dictates of ZZ.

AH! XX is real interesting though!

Knowing that "putting up a false facade of cultivating well" will be expose soon, XX turned to anger and abuse!

As per GM, when everyone is united in building a temple, and when the temple is built, great differences result.
Disharmonies reign as everyone wants to be the Boss!

The bossy ones are the ones that don't cultivate well though! :)

In Cultivation, we sincerely cultivate to rid Self of Unwholesome habits!

Like GM Lu telling all to remind the successor that an Enlightened One must be reasonable and cannot yell or shout! :)

This trip to Taiwan and HK, I met lots of bossy people and it is scary what they attempt to show off!

Dear all, the number of years that you took refuge with GM Lu, do not mean that you are more verse in Buddha Dharma at all!

Each one of us need to purify first and not boss others around!

Now, have you hindered Dharma Propagation?
or have you been misleading others as to what Buddha Dharma is?


LL: coincidence again! GM talks about paramita of perseverance!

canceled the dinner.
Told them that I am not well.
It seems from 4 of us become 10 n more!

Think they will all be quiet n not wen shi?
Mar 14, 2015

AA: yes, perseverance

LL: Hahaha! yoga! means of like mind     😄
Our HH what's app all to visit me but I told them not to disturb as I want to rest.

Then she posted my departure timing in the group!

Hahaha! Never misses a chance to push fellow students onto me.
She didn't care whether I am sick or not! 
Scary! exactly what they are doing to GM all the time, never giving him adequate space, leisure and rest!


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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