Monday, March 9, 2015

A Good Deed 一件好事

3 years ago, as I was walking up these stairs in Taiwan Caotun Temple, I gifted a pendant with TB Sutra and various Dharani within to a fellow student, CC.

She was having lots of emotional disturbances and somehow, GM directed me to help her.


She was right behind me, in a queue for use of washrooms at the Heruka event. :)

I was chatting with an Indo-student and somehow CC asked my name and where I am from. :)

She was surprised on hearing my name and she asked to clarify whether "Chu" means "chef" or not.

She said she has been looking for me to thank me for helping her and because it was a real brief encounter, she didn't remember my face well.


O! I met another that has emotional problems from the death of her beloved spouse too!

Thanks to GM's blessing, she is must improved now. :)

Dear all,
GM do gives "Assignments" to us from time to time and "out of the blue" without prior notification!

Just be prepared to extend help.

The criteria is you must be able to give the appropriate and necessary aid to anyone in need only!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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