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无修瑜伽 No Cultivate Yoga?

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On a recent trip to Taiwan, student Z told her group of avid followers that those fellow students sitting at the back have already taken refuge with GM Lu for more than 20 years and have already achieve No Cultivate Yoga!!!


Dear all, 
Lets refresh!

In Mahamudra, the topmost level is No Cultivate Yoga!
What did GM Lu shared about people who cultivated to this stage? :)

Please read up on [Mahamudra] & especially [No Cultivate Yoga].
Also reference to the 2 articles above.

On 7 March 2015 in Caotun Temple, many witness the above student went into a trance and collapse on the floor during Abhiseka.
Also later when she came to seek me out.

Sadly those that attended to her, "massaged" her He-Gu accupoint too aggressively, causing this point to be badly swollen.
The first time I met her in Caotun Temple was when GM give Abhiseka of High King Avalokitesvara for the first time.

She was sitting in a chair outside in the shed and a VM was near her.
He didn't get near but stood about 1.5 metres away giving "instructions"!

When I sort of "took over", he left quickly.

Then our Elder, VM CZ came & started to massage the He Gu accupoint, even when I said to him that "this is not it". Meaning that this student is in a spiritual possessed trance or attack.

He ignored me and after some time, found his method not effective, went off saying he will get GM to look in.
I managed to stabilise the student's condition. 
We helped the student to where GM's transport was waiting.

When GM finished the "mo-ding" rounds for that day, he patted this student twice and left, saying: everything will be alright.

From then, I met the student several times when she attended Pure Karma's event and most of our regulars know how to help her or prepare to help her when she goes all soft. 
We prevent her dropping down to the floor or hitting her head when she collapses.

Those that witnessed my helping her for the first time were puzzled that why I didn't do anything but just continue to tell her to chant Guru's mantra and also all present to do so loudly.

Dear all, 
Everything that happens to this student, all from within her. 
So to solve the problem, we follow the direction at that point of time, to help her solve her problem.
Thats what I have been doing for this student these past few years.

In the photo above, you witness lots of Light orbs?

Well, this is proof of "No Cultivate Yoga"! :)

Every time she collapses, I started her and everyone to chant Guru's mantra loudly.
This keep many occupied and I then talk to the spirit playing with this student.
Also telling the student to chant Guru's mantra, divert or draw her consciousness away from the control of the spirit, toying with her.

The important point is that : I do not use force or any "astral / transcendental" power or strength to Suppress or Oust the spirit.

Remember well that Buddhism teaches "No Dispute/Argument/Fighting"!

The spirit affecting this student has "shortened" the time of his vending his wrath and displeasure through the years too!

The latest one in Taiwan last less than 5 minutes.
Some previous ones lasted for as long as 30 minutes.

Student Z, a student that GM Lu instructed me to teach her Basics, is not in any position to know what is [No cultivate yoga], agree?

And her aura is towards the animal realm, so no way she knows what is [yoga] at all, what more the Highest Tantra Yoga in Mahamudra!

She is also one that pushes students at me, first telling me that they need help as they are new students or failing which, tell the students to grab any opportunity to pin me down to "wen-shi"!

She also chases those with 5-Buddhas Crown! :)

As GM said, do not believe everything that others said or those with outward forms or status.
Be wise!
Wake Up!

Cultivation really and truly depends on the Individual and no external factors can take away what the Individual has attained through his/her own diligence!

If you can [follow direction/situation to solve problem] that means [situational responsive execution of dharma knowhow].

And as everything is within you or the answers lies within you, there is no need to waste time seeking externally at all, concur?

From the above statements, you can actually figure out GM's and Buddha's statements of [No dharma to expound and Never expound any dharma]! 


Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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