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B.154 The Aura of Wisdom [Ch.22] Liberal Authentication

The Aura of Wisdom 
By Living Buddha Sheng-yen Lu
Translated by True Buddha Foundation Translation Team
This was translated from Grandmaster Lu's 154th book, 智慧的光環.

CHAPTER 22 - Liberal Authentication

Besides receiving authentication from one`s Root Guru, can the Tantric practitioner authenticate himself, such as that of liberal authentication?

I feel that this has to be done by one who has the correct view of cultivation.
Such a practitioner must have actual attainment gained from true practice, and must hold great compassion for others. He must thoroughly master the theoretical and practical aspects of cultivation, being wise and humble, and transform his five poisons into the Five Transcendental Wisdoms.

Thus, the first few things to verify when exercising liberal authentication are:
Is your mind purified?
Is your speech purified?
Is your body purified?
Is your vital chi sufficient?
Are your channels unblocked?
Are your drops free from leakage?
Have you gained bliss?
Has the clear light appeared?
Has the mind been emptied?
Have you attained completion of the ground of fruition?

The last authentication is, `The doctrines of inner realization attained by the Dharmakaya Tathagata cannot be fathomed even by bodhisattvas who have attained the Stage of Buddha Enlightenment. It is only known between buddhas.`

People today are living in a degenerate age.
As such, if liberal authentication is advocated, it is difficult to tell the real gurus from the pseudo ones.
Many do not speak the truth, yet they claim to have attained enlightenment when they have not.

These pseudo gurus look for quick ways to get rich, craving fame and fortune, thereby deceiving themselves and others.
They put on a cloak of falsehood and try to pull themselves off as the real thing, but in so doing they have stepped onto the evil path and will descend to hell at the end of their lives.

Liberal authentication shall result in the following occurrences:
  1. A liar claiming he is enlightened.
  2. A lunatic (mental patient) also claiming he is enlightened.
  3. An individual possessed by Mara also claiming he is enlightened.
  4. Any person possessed by ghosts claiming he has great spiritual powers.
  5. A seemingly enlightened adept is actually being fooled by Mara.

I feel that it is better to be honest with one`s cultivation.
Do not hold such thoughts that one has already reached certain spiritual heights and realms.
Be natural, or it will be easy to be attached to illusory forms and run the risk of destroying one`s wisdom life

Many students of Buddhism like to shop for Dharma, hopping from one school to another.
This pattern is known as `school wandering`, in which the students wander from one school of thought to the next.
Sentient beings are fickle and fluid. One moment, they will flow to the East, and then the next moment you will find them in the West.

I once heard this rumour: `Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Sheng-yen Lu himself has taken refuge with several dozen gurus and ordained monks. If I aspire to be like him, taking refuge and receiving empowerment from teachers everywhere, what is wrong with that?` When the person advising against such behaviour heard this argument, he felt it made sense, and could not refute it.

Today, I am offering my answer. Anyone who wishes to study the Buddhadharma may explore other Buddhist schools of thought, not so much for thrills, but so that they may draw comparisons between the respective teachings.

After you gain a clear picture of the teachings of the True Buddha School, and you are satisfied with what they can offer, you may then choose to take refuge in me.

I do not stop people from seeking out and visiting virtuous teachers. On the other hand, you may want to take a look at what the True Buddha Tantric Dharma has to offer. From the Four Preliminary Practices to the Great Perfection, external to internal practices, worldly to transcendental practices, Deity Yoga to Ferocious Deity Yoga, common to uncommon practices, fire and water offerings, and even the supreme Yoga Tantras of Tibetan Buddhism such as Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Great Perfection Profound Wisdom, and the Yamantaka practice - - all are included in the system of the True Buddha Tantric Dharma.

The True Buddha Tantric Dharma is the most comprehensive system of Buddhist practice. Whatever you want to learn and study is offered here.

I can honestly tell everyone that whatever practices you wish to learn from other schools, I have included them in the True Buddha School, presented in their most authentic and reliable form. You may even find practices unavailable elsewhere. I am an accomplished adept who epitomizes the teachings and practices of all Buddhist and Taoist schools.

When you take refuge in Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Sheng-yen Lu, it is tantamount to taking refuge in several dozens of gurus and ordained teachers. Is that not sufficient?

In fact, it should be said that when one takes refuge in the True Buddha School, one has reached the definitive teaching. One will not find any other school with as comprehensive a system as ours. If one still wishes to run around aimlessly from one school to another like a headless chicken, one deserves to be spanked!


Pure Karma Vihara

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