Friday, March 18, 2011

18-3-2011 大救难咒 Great Disaster/Calamity Saving Mantra

ta zi za za la 。ta zi lu luo li 。ma ha lu luo li 。a la mo la 。duo la 。soha 。
这是大救难咒 - 如果同修念OK。 个人念记得求师尊灌顶。 善心可嘉,可不要不如法哦!

I put up the above about a week ago on facebook of TBS group.

I am sure many of you have noticed that all over the world, TBS students are calling the mass to chant this mantra for Japan's recent Natural disaster.

Someone called me yesterday and asked whether I am leading session in chanting this mantra.
As I have written into Facebook, it is OK to chant this mantra in group session as an act of Boddicitta. To better ensure that your mantra are more effective, GM's empowerment transfer is ideal.

In Sicheng Temple Singapore, we have chanted this mantra after main cultivation program as a standard item for quite some time. I would like to clarify this statement. I am sure that we do that for Thursday & Friday night sessions, I am not sure for the Tuesday and Wednesday ones.

I have also shared with those present how to visualize when chanting this mantra.

Of course this is my own visualization, & you, the reader, may choose to differ.


1. Visualize both hands outstretch 'heaven'-wards - both hands become a beam of strong white light. We are humbly pleading with GM and all Divinities to go save victims of disaster.

2. When our beam of light connects with GM & all, we yoga with them.

3. After this yoga process, we in turn direct the power {light} to the disaster area in any forms we chose.

Example: Transformation into large hands to 'dig' for people buried under the rubbles;
into water to put out fire; into Lotuses to deliver to Pureland; ....

Anything you can think of that may help, your Boddhicitta with GM's & all will make things work.

I believe this is what GM said during Kalachakra Event in Sydney - 任运 situational responsive action.

Try it or use your own, whatever your compassionate & caring heart can think of, can be used.

Happy Chanting!

Hi Lian Chu Fashi,
here i found a notice from TBF soon after the 2004 Tsunami regarding the recitation of Great Disaster Relief Mantra. We are indeed need an empowerment to recite Great Disaster Relief Mantra.
Here is link for chinese language:
and here is in English:

Pure Karma Vihara

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