Thursday, July 23, 2015

You Don't Understand My Words, So I Am Crazy! 你听不懂我的话,那我是疯子!

Hahaha! Look at Lotuschef closely, is she Crazy?

October 2009, Seattle temple:

XR fashi said to me, I am going to help every body buy 菜包 (vegetarian bun) to offer to ancestors. You want to buy a share for your ancestors?

I replied: No. Thank you. I will do other offering. Anyway, Everyone's ancestors also mine!

Hehe! He glared at me, and utter words that I am mad!


2010, Singapore:

I started to lead cultivation in local chapters, mainly the English version of 4 Preliminaries Practice.

I explained the 4 Immeasurable Visualisation and how to merge all beings and self as ONE!
Then, One has no more karmic foes, parents, friends, ...... type of Differentiation any more.

A fashi said I am wrong and crazy!
He told fellow students that our Karmic foes infinite. One lot left then another lot appear!
Can't finish saying sorry or dedication to One's karmic foes!


On Facebook:

I read this post that some fellow students believe another to be very "powerful" and pay large sums of money for him to do his prescribed rituals 108 times or more!
This to clear away one's Karmic foes or the current "attack" of Bad Luck!

My words:

One needs to say sorry sincerely on one's own efforts and not pay someone else to do so.

Also when we do dedication, we do to All Sentient Beings and not to ourselves or our karmic foes or some one we choose!


Hahaha! Through all these years, many labelled me as Crazy; sprouting nonsense; misleading; instigating chaos in Sangha assembly; joining GM Lu's defamatory groups; defy high authority; .........

If you have really listen well to GM Lu's teachings or dharma speeches or read his writings,
If you understand about 50% of what GM Lu's is sharing,
YOU would have developed the crucial wisdom to know whether Lotuschef is truly crazy or not, agree?

无我 Selflessness! Is the major key to Buddhahood!








WHEN you still have this and that;
WHEN you still think that you need this and that;
WHEN [YOU] override all others;
YOU will never ever understand Selflessness and can't find the path to Buddhahood!

Crazy again? Me?
Who cares what you think!!!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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