Friday, July 17, 2015

MRI & Me [4]

Today is Friday, 10th July 2015.
The day after my admission to the Hospital on the 9th July 2015.

Now during the doctors round, the Professor said he will help me "Save Money"!

Just keep that in mind! :)

The MRI investigation did not materialise that day and I was informed that they will probably do it the next day or Monday.

One of the doctors, a female one, came and said she will do the Lumbar Puncture ordered by the Professor.
I told her I do not see the need to do so and I am not too high on "blind poke".
By "Blind Poke", I mean that they are delving into the unknown or unseen and bring High Risks!

She kept on and on and I requested to see my Xrays for the Lumbar region ordered and done while I am still in A&E department.

The Xray shows a well defined spine as opposed to the degenerative one (see below) that I posted in this blog for a patient in her 40s with Lordosis!

脊柱前凸 Lordosis ]

I still objected to the Lumbar Puncture being done on me!

I finally signed the consent for this procedure with much misgivings!

Well, the female doctor and another male colleague eventually made a blunder!

The started poking into the spine before the Local anaesthetic take effect, and I can feel the pain and also sharp burning sensation when the hit the nerve for my right limb, which sears down from spine to toes.

To add to this, the lady doctor told me before the procedure if the MRI materialise, I only need to rest HALF AN HOUR after the Lumbar Puncture and proceed for the MRI!

I remember that I learnt from Nursing School that one has to lie flat for at least 2-4 hours after the Lumbar puncture procedure, or best 6-8 hours, to prevent complication after puncturing the spine! 

On the morning when I asked to be discharged, and during the doctors' round, I related this to the group of doctors and adding that the zealous motive to get practice on Lumbar puncture should not neglect the Patient's well being at all!

O! Their threat of my having Naso Pharynx Carcinoma?
As per a neuro-specialist: A MRI with contrast on the brain, will show up this carcinoma is any! And only very tiny one then have to do a specific one of the nasal and pharynx area! 

To affect my 6th cranial nerve causing left eye palsy, not once but twice?
The tumor should be a pretty sizeable one to be easily pick up from the CT Brain done in A&E or the detailed information from the MRI!


Look carefully at the above photos, even an amateur can see that if there is a tumor anywhere in the skull cavity, the MRI is through enough to highlight it.
AND what more one done with contrast!!!  

And my parting words to the Professor who came round later, "The Great Professor, should you not have listen to me, the patient?"

And during this period of hospitalisation, I still able to read & help some with lousy auras! :)

The doctors' auras? No comment!

All in?

A great hoo hah just for Diabetic Neuropathy! :)

It was a pretty bone chilling way to find out that I have Diabetes! 

Anyway, what follows is all my own efforts to changing my lifestyle with close watch on my intake and regularity of these intakes, concur?

Like cultivation, its a solo performance, of course with Expert Knowledge transmitted or available to date! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


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