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GM Lu on No Hindrance, Letting Go 师尊讲无碍、放下


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  • Lotuschef on Tantrayana is Simplicity
  • Now Look Closely at the Current Fund Raising Saga by Core, purportedly to have funds to Sue Those that They alleged Defame our Root Guru and resulting in ruining or severing many people's Wisdom Life!

    For Most of YOU, your reaction is RIGHT!

    Because we all know well that Guru stressed many times that He Will Not Sue Anyone, no matter the provocation!

    Core has somehow Showed Guru in an Undesirable Light in their new gimmick to raise funds!

    However, Guru clarified on 29-6-2013's session that He Still Abide by his Vow of Not Suing Anyone!
    He said if Core wants to do so for their own reasons, that is up to Core!

    This means Simply that GURU WON'T SUE ANYONE, AND ALSO MEAN SIMPLY THAT CORE AS STUDENTS of Guru Should also Honor Guru's sentiment on this point!

    Why make life too complicated for Self as well as others by rousing sentiments of Hatred, Anger, Revenge. Getting Even, Beat Others, Must Win,......:)


    Absolute Faith and Trust in your own Root Guru means you don't do what he won't do!

    Don't think and make things complicated all around!

In HIS speech on Sunday in Seattle, GM Lu actually explained WHY you need to LET GO! 

Only when you can LET GO, then you can 立断 - instantly severe or cut or break free!

No Hindrance 无碍 - about 40minutes into the above video link.

Therefore, 放过别人,就是放过自己!Pardoning or Forgiving or Freeing Others, Actually equals to Freeing Self!

You need to do so, as per GM Lu, in order to attain Maha Perfection Status in Cultivation!

Then you will emit the 12 types of Pure Light like Amitabha Buddha!
Infinite light when you are a Buddha!

Let me share a recent incident while warded hospital.

During breakfast on Sunday, a fellow patient sharing the same cubicle kept complaining that she ordered Oats with Bread for breakfast and they gave her porridge and no bread; or oats and no bread; she didn't like fish..... just didn't deliver as per her order!

I was thinking, you are staying in "C" or third class ward as a subsidised patient, should you make such demands?

I also advised her to let go as all these made her very stressed and unhappy and don't help her illness at all.
She walks around demanding this and that with unsteady gait. She was admitted for Head Injury from a fall! 

I also told her that [放过别人,就是放过自己!].
But she kept on and on about her orders not being met!

O! When I helped her or she talked to someone on her phone, she always add [感谢主]- means Thank God.

I sincerely hope she really show appreciation to all with "Thank God"!

All in?

GM Lu actually tell you why you can't attain Buddhahood!

You need to be PURE, the first key!

When you are busy concocting or agitating over how to scold or hurt others, you will never be free of all sentient related tentacles, thus can't attain anything!
Even continuously failed to Yoga with Root Guru or Yidam.

Once again, Lotuschef hereby thank all in Core and their followers, for the Reverend Delisting; Monkey listing; and etc. allegations!

As GM Lu said, Lotuschef has made you all happy when you think you are successful in your gimmicks! 


Didn't Lotuschef compassionately cautioned you all, to not to continue immersing and rolling in Sentient Mud?

This came to mind early this morning!
When GM Lu consented to expound Maha Perfection Dharma, a HK shijie called me from her HK mobile.
She asked me how much I know about Maha Perfection.
Can I share with her?
I told her to do research online.
AND wait for GM Lu to share!

She was persistent in trying to dig information from me about Maha Perfection Dharma!

Months later, I found out that she has started to live in Seattle and had "glued" herself closely to a certain female student there.
AH! She is a spy acting upon orders from some higher ups in Seattle!
I remember that when I found out she is living in Seattle, the Mastermind's face flashes across my vision! :)

The female student is a migrant from Mainland China and purportedly help around Seattle temple as if she is of much importance! :)
She takes her meals at the temple and in the evening, her spouse and daughter also eat at the temple.
More! She goes through the cupboards and drawers in the dining area, where we store the offering of food stuff like instant noodles, biscuits, .... and pilfers her choice items to bring home!
Her aura? 
Needless to say, one of harshness and into the Animal Realm!

Talking bad?
No! Just telling the Truth as it is!
I do not have time to concoct lies!

Once again, my favorite phrase:
Listen only to your One & Only Root Guru!

I am sure that Now that you have heard so much about Maha Perfection Dharma from GM Lu, you had realised that my advising you to Listen only to Root Guru is prudent and good advice to successful cultivation!

Those that concoct or fabricate their own and over-ruled their Root Guru's words or statements are obviously still in the Hell they created for themselves!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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