Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tantrayana is Simplicity 密宗是简单 [2]

Extract from [Lotuschef on Tantrayana is Simplicity]:
This means Simply that GURU WON'T SUE ANYONE, AND ALSO MEAN SIMPLY THAT CORE AS STUDENTS of Guru Should also Honor Guru's sentiment on this point!

Why make life too complicated for Self as well as others by rousing sentiments of Hatred, Anger, Revenge. Getting Even, Beat Others, Must Win,......:)


Absolute Faith and Trust in your own Root Guru means you don't do what he won't do!

Don't think and make things complicated all around!


AA: the vm that lead cultivation today is going to get shit from core!
gm is like telling them to come join pure karma in cultivation! hehehehehehe
4:30 PM

BB: oh so she's the one who's in charge of producing the steps of visualisation?
the last time she complained to GM that it was all set by the core
i guess you're right that she will get trouble
4:34 PM

AA: the 2 of them are from panama.
i guess she got carried away as her buddy did some visualisation adding lots of "details"!
they both got caught by complexity

BB: GM is nearby, why don't they take time to sit with him and ask for more details

AA: O! can u used the draft of summer clothes n put the word specimen across it. I would like to post an article of the clothes for young jin mu.
GM said nowadays Moding, always the young jin mu comes

BB: okies


Dear all, go listen to the visualisation for the pass few sessions, after GM told them to change or vary from the stale and "outdated" standard fare that Core continue to institute.

I think that session was 31 May 2015 one.




{ 每一次聽到在唸「大海平靜無波,晴空萬里,月輪從大海中昇起,中間有個咒字旋轉,本尊出現…」每一次宗委會的儀軌寫的統統一樣,搞一點新花樣嘛!

Currently technology also changes, Sadhana also must know how to change.}


Pure Karma's method?
Visualise that White Padmakumara appears from the Universe, and blesses us with White, Red, Blue light - cleansing all our karmas of this and all past lifetimes.
Then from the Mantra wheel in the Heart chakra of Padmakumara, the Seed syllable "HOM" beams dazzling white light directed at our Heart Chakra.
In an instant, the "Hom" syllable is duplicated in our Heart Chakra.

AND then, you can further visualise that the "HOM" syllable transformed into a white light lotus. :)

Simple right?

BUT, you must know how to write the Hom syllable, for this to work!

For more than One yidam, Pure Karma always starts from ROOT GURU, WHite Padmakumara and then adding the other yidam or yidams, placing their respective seed syllable on top of the white light lotus.

Subsequent transformation of the yidam or yidams can then be effected from their seed syllable and also the color of light that represent them.

When you make things too complicated, you can get "lost" and can't find any yidam to respond to your invocation. :)

O! remember that GM Lu taught many simple dharma practice but Sentient minded people or students, made things complicated!

Today's message from GM Lu?
Let go of Self!

Happy cultivating!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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