Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Formless 3 Wheels - Doing Charity! 三轮体空-做善事!

The above: Donating supplies to homes in GM Lu's name.

AA: I don't know why you said that ZZ's & YY's aura no good.
They look very shining to me.
Then XX's also! She is following me do charity.

As it will be very involve to explain to AA, I just said that we see differently at different levels in cultivation. :)

BB: My daughter said she don't sympathise even a little bit when we go old folks home to do charity.

I explained that the daughter might see something that the mother can't and no point to force anyone to do charity work.

Dear all,
I have recently shared GM Lu's version on the Appearance of Pure Light and the Heavenly Eye and its abilities.
GM also shared these in recent speeches as well.
The Formless 3 Wheels also mentioned and explained over again by GM Lu.

Well,  yet more coincidences! :)
Yes! All my recent articles somehow bear relevance to GM Lu's recent speeches!

Shall I share some FUN?

Why Not!!! :)

Now when you see others are shining, there's the possibility that you are "dull & dim"!

O! this never ever occur to you at all!

Just like you might think that people in the old folks home are to be pitied, someone else can pick up some negative vibes that you can't!
Therefore you forced others to follow your view and actions.

Doing Charity is yet another factor within the 6 Paramitas!
It is also Cultivation.

Remember that Cultivation depends Solely and Wholly on Self Efforts!

Now, Complacency!

Thinking that you are doing charity, can make you complacent and become stagnant in progress in cultivation!

GM Lu said when he asked a certain fashi about daily cultivation, the answer was didn't do daily!

Going all the way out in spending resources like money, time & efforts, for charity work, Please be very careful to bear in mind: I didn't do this to improve my lot in life!

In thinking that someone who follows you to do charity will naturally have improved aura because they can lessen karmic negatives by charity work, means you and whoever follows your mindset, do not understand what is Formless 3 wheels!

AND, thinking that others should see what you see, is also a huge problem! :)

Only when you and others are Buddhas, Then & Only Then, you will all have Only One View! :)

The Key word is : Open up your mind, your views are not necessary shared!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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