Friday, July 3, 2015

结界 Boundary Protection

Terjemahan Indonesia: Perlindungan Perbatasan

Referring to the recorded sermon:

GM said that He don't do Boundary Protection and there's lots of ghosts in his house.


When I started to lead cultivation in local chapters, I also informed the chapter's administrators about my reason for not doing so.

YES! as you all know, Standards set by TBS' admin must be adhered to!

I only do Boundary Protection for White matter services, to let on that "This is a private function, please respect the solemnity of the session."

When I started to do Homas, I do Boundary Protection for the Fire Pit only, telling all to respect the Purity and Sincerity of our Offering process, please do not disturb.

Unlike most that does Boundary Protection before cultivation, fearing the disturbances from Spirits or Ghosts, I do not believe that theres a need to do so.

YES! From as far back as end of 2009, when I returned to Singapore, I do not advocate Boundary Protection for cultivation session.

With GM Lu's sharing of Maha Perfection, and he telling us that he don't do Boundary Protection at Home too, its time to wake up and as I have always stress: Know what you are doing all the time! :)

Now, All Beings are One & the Same.
At the beginning of cultivation, The 4 Immeasurable Visualisation, actually involves all beings of the 6 Realms of transmigration.

So, at this stage if you understand the true meaning of 4 Immeasurable, then you will be sincerely inviting all beings to join in cultivation.
Why use Boundary Protection then to exclude any being then?

If you have "Power", the use of Vajra in Boundary Protection will produce light or Vajra Fire, that some spirits are sensitive to, which make them uncomfortable.

THINK: Would you invite someone to your party and then cause this someone harm? :)

Also if you truly understand the Wisdom of Equality and one of its major factor of Boddhicitta, you will always be aware of possible harm or discomfort your action might caused.

Spirits or Ghosts are all around us, and some have more RIGHTS to be in a certain place than us, and we are the invaders that seize their Territories.
Think of it this way and be humble and share and live in harmony.

I hope by now, most of you understand what I have been and am still practicing and not make me out to be a weirdo or deem me unsuitable and etc.

Although your positive or negative views of me is of no import to me, BUT they are of import to your progress along the path to be a True Yogi!

Yes. All your deeds are your very own responsibility or Karma, nothing to do with me or anyone else.

Heed GM Lu's advice: Before you are fully enlightened, DO NO pronounced judgment on anyone!!!

AND the Most Important factor that GM Lu shared: Know what you can do and what you can't!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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