Saturday, July 25, 2015

当我[打]你 ! When I [Beat] You!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Ketika Aku [Menepuk]-mu!

The above are photos of the HK event, when I helped each attendee do offering.

One of the attendee, always talk "rubbish" and I said that I will "kick" her!
She always reply: Good, kick me up, please!

To her, she asked to be "kick" by me, and she is positive that I will send her UP!

A True Yogi will never send anyone Downwards, which signifies the 3 Lower Realms of Transmigration.

Sometimes during offering, I would also "pat" the attendee in the head, back, lower limbs!

Well, if you remember that GM Lu taught during Ragahraja's event in Taiwan's Xiang Hua LZS, how to "pump" a "HOM" syllable into someone to help them clear "spiritual possession" or "spiritual attachment", what I do is also in similar vein. :)

We can help those with stagnant or stale Qi energy or "darkness" get rid of some of these undesirables!

Of course, the One doing so must be able to control the Qi Energy mobilisation in their own body in order to mobilise the relevant Qi energy to help others!

If you want to share water, make sure your jug is filled with water! :)


Another incident, happened to a fellow student when we were having afternoon tea at McDonald near my residence.

While chatting, I suddenly noticed a dark green, almost black, wave moving swiftly upwards from his jaw line.

I shouted: Stop!

The dark wave halted before it reach his eyes!

However, this seems to occur to this student very frequently.
On other occasions, the dark green formed rectangular-shaped frames around his eyes.

What did I do to help him?
I start to "talk" to whoever is causing the dark green thingy on this student.
At the same time, I also share light all around to show that I do not show favouritism, that I am always sharing with all with no differentiation.


Dear all,
When I read aura, I have already shared that MORE THAN ONE previous lifetimes appeared/surfaced!
I would stop at 3 and go not further!

However, I choose what to reveal to the subject of the aura reading.


Understand that "WHEN I BEAT YOU" suddenly and without obvious or visible reasons, I am trying to HALT something from harming you further.

I might mouth some "reasons" after my action, but that is not ALL!

So, if you are prideful and prioritise your image, ego, status,..... to be "Beaten" by an old lady, please stay away from me!


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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