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[万法為心; 万象為識.] [All Dharma/methods as Heart; All Phenomena as Consciousness.]

From: 21-10-2011 Decoy / Fortune Deity Practice [2]

Xiaotian Zhu
Fashi, if someone has clean up his bad chi blocked his subtle body's channels,
is he still subjected to his outer karmic enemies/ karmic creditors?
i mean his/her subtle body channels has totally free to flow the energy.

Francesca Poon
Hi xiaotian, do u understand written chinese? I thought I posted an article from rainbow body attainment book 3 - about Pure Light appearance. This one best answers your query
虹光大成就 3 - 净光出现

As per GM--clearing of Subtle body's channels is only possible when one can bring Convenient Wind/Air into the central channel n enters samadhi. This is pure light appearing.
The Convenient wind transform into Wisdom Wind/air and Ming Dian = light dots appear. Linking the various light dots to form a chain and then a screen. This is internal cultivation & higher tantra.

When the Pure Light appears and maintain, one can then beam light onto others n one can see their past present future karmic influences
I thought I translated the article. Hehe! Getting old n forgetful. Some one needs to help me tidy up the articles in alphabetic order so easy to find!
Any volunteers???

There are more details but best to read what else GM said.
My infantile version only can use as fictional reading! Hehe!

So practising the 9 Steps breathing is crucial before one moves to internal system of Treasure vase wind/air n lighting Fire
‎9 steps breathing - I shared the tips to this one in seremban malaysia.
Most of them said they already know how to do these!!

anyway, the point is to practice till u can control the movement of an air bubble all around your body. Means u can direct it anywhere within u. like a remote control aircraft. only this is Air Bubble n not Air Craft!
Have I answer you or confuse you? Hehe!

Xiaotian Zhu
maybe i should tell more details about what i have experienced before asking this question (maybe someday not publicly).
My question premise is  
[万法為心 ; 万象為識.] 
[All Dharma/methods as Heart; All Phenomena as Consciousness.]

Thanks Fashi for your effort.

Francesca Poon

Sorry, i left out explaining the Karmic part.
When one has reach the clearing of inner channels, it means one has already solved the Karmic debtors n creditors mystery

Hehe! u solve it at the start of cultivation on the 4 immeasurable visualization part.

With your Boddhicitta!

dear xiaotian, sometimes it is better to share in public n others can share their viewpoints or learn from yours.

Dharma from each individual angle FORM A WHOLE.

In Boddhicitta, ALL IS ONE & ONE IS ALL!
When u attain the Pure Light in Central Channel, You have already learn to clear all Karmic influences and Transform into Light or Dharmakaya.


I believe that with GM Lu's sharing of Maha Perfection Dharma, and that 
"Even Dharma is method of convenience to help one attain Buddhahood";
and Dharma also need to be abandoned or void, what more those that are not Dharma!

In HIS latest speeches, GM Lu already shared that the Ultimate is Transformation of Self into LIGHT! 

I have also shared many times that when ONE transforms Self and All Beings into Light when practicing the 4 Immeasurable Visualisation, the result is A Sea of Brightness or Light 大光明海!
There really is no more differentiation of Self and others.
Where then is the existence of Karmic friends or foes?


Hope you really listened to me on cultivation of the wondrous 4 Immeasurables Visualisation?

Do you agree now that I do know what I am talking about when I explained "Pure Light Appearance" and its usages?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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