Sunday, July 5, 2015

佛的脸-法喜充满 Buddha's Face - Filled with Dharma Joy


华严经 - 如来出现品第三十七 [4]


[Stage One of Zen Meditation - 安乐 Secure and Joyful or Happy, leaving all Evil Desires, surpass Desire Realm or Karmadhatu. 
Giving up Desire Realm form and born into Brahmakaya.]

[Without awareness or sight, surpass Brahmakaya.]
Giving Up Brahamakaya form and born in Abhasvara.

Without wrongful deeds, ascend to Abhasvara.
Giving up Abhasvara form and born in Subhakrishna 

Solitary Silence, trascend Subhakrishna.
Giving up Subhakrishna form and born in Brhatphala.

The above is an extract from Chapter 37 - The Appearance of The Tathagata.
It details the 4 stages of Zen Meditation. 

What's my point?

In various recent speeches, GM Lu drew reference to the Ability to Enter Samadhi!
In some instances, playfully as well :)

GM Lu has shared much on Samadhi and the stages of Zen Meditation as well.

I stated that One's aura is evidence of whether One is successful with Samadhi or not too :)

In the First 3 Stages, Secure and Joy is present.
Then ascending to a "Higher" Dhatu or Realm.

Look at GM Lu closely, He is always in Joyful state, agree? :)

Now, look at those that GM Lu playfully drew attention to.

Yes! This is a pointer to all to NOT Be Fooled!

Even the outward or external facades do not show the "Buddha's Face"!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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