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造塔功德不可思议 Merits of Building Stupas are Unimaginable

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pahala Membangun Stupa Sungguh Tak Terbayangkan

Above: Stupas and lotus from incense paper printed with Usnisa Vijaya Dharani.
The lotus that I offered at the local chapter is from only yellow coloured incense paper. The other coloured paper were printed in 2010, after I became ordained as reverend. 

See this people in Miri, Sarawak making incense stupas with the usnisa dharani pasted on them.
The stupas are basically white but the dharani is printed in different colours
can the white thingy be white plaster from white clay?
Have a good look:)

** [I hope they are not plastics which if burned emit poisonous gases and not environmental friendly :) ]

They enumerates the goodness of building stupas too!

Above & Below: This stupas has 2 Dharani! :)

I kept seeing lots of golden stupas surrounding me after Friday's homa! :)

2009: I remembered the first time I offered the stupas at a local chapter to Ksiti while they have their once a month ksiti sutra chanting session.

I donated $20/- to offering
Folded lots of lotuses and stupas in offering to all spirits and my ancestors.

During Samadhi, I saw that each petals of the lotuses are filled with "people".
The stupas rise up into Heavens in golden glory and each deck of each level also filled with "people" standing around the outer deck.

Hahaha! Stupas and lotuses are really fantastic offering to all.



English translation inserted by Lotuschef.
Quoted from: 大马真佛宗美里华德同修会


Usnisa Vijaya's Buddha Stupa can stabilised all calamities of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, benefiting immeasurable sentient beings.

Building Stupa can divert Karma, even can get to be reborn in the Various Heavens with merits of Heavenly Masters.

Buddha Stupa thus represent [Palaces of all Buddhas], and Buddhas in turn represent Pure Body Speech Mind.

Thus, whether you pay homage prostration or circle the stupa or altar, naturally can receive immeasurable merits.

Thus, Tantric ancestral guru, Atisha, shared in his dharma speech: in this sentient realm, from within all Virtuous dharma, none can rival the great merits from circling Buddha Stupa.

Hahaha! Interesting?

You can learn how to fold the stupa shown above too. :)

However, do remember: Sincere offering!

Offering not for a motive like getting more merits for SELF!

For Self is not Buddha!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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