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更改名字 Change of Name

AA: fashi, my name change 莲花......to .....
My mom 莲花...... to ........
my sister name .... change to 莲花....

LL:About name changes, best use back the name you guiyi lol. one has no need to change name at all, bcos the name is just a tag. Your Karmic negative levels remain the same if you don't cultivate. So I will use your guiyi name to register and do offering, is it ok with you?


    Page 127 : 什么都不是

    GM said: None of these.

    What's in a Name?
    It's just a representation mark/symbol of you only.
    It is not your basic material. It is just another add-on only.
    For example: Big master, venerable, lecturer, living buddha are all common names, I don't need them.
    Because the are not basic/original material/nature.
    Therefore, none of these.

    Saintly students, decipher [None of these].
    What are you?
    Birth data, zodiac, name, ancestors, parents. male/female, education history, speciality, position, fame, career, money........

    Fixing position for self, seriously give these thorough scrutiny, does these represent your all?

    When you affirmed that they do not represent your all, then you realised you are [None of these].
    Start searching from you are None of these for your basic nature, you will be enlighten.
  • 24-6-2011 改名字与改运
  • This is extract from book 220 pages 114-7.
    Q & A from the Contemporary Dharma King II.
    I am doing a brief summary, please read the original when you get hold of a copy.

    Changing of names can change our fortune/destiny?
    Also heard can change the names of previous lifetime as well, is it true?
    After my friend changed his name & after his death I would like to dedicate merits of printing Dharani to him, which name should I use?

    In olden days, people named their daughters :-bring forth a brother; increase male offspring; increase fortune; increase coming ins; chicken shit; .....
    These names are crude, but in order to change fortune/destiny/fate they just follow suit.

    There is some reason for name changes but the effect upon the person is minimal.
    Other factors include your time, day, year of birth; zodiac sign; birthplace; names; environment; geomancy; animal sign; kind/evil.
    For names: there are the number of strokes; th e sounding; & meaning.
    All these play a small percentage in one's destiny.

    The one that has a more decisive strength is you Karmic influence.

    Changing of name for previous lives is a gimmick of those that can communicate with spirits.
    You are already no longer in that life, what's the point in changing names for the previous & all the previous lifetimes?

    Those that have changed their names & want to print Dharani, use the one that is used most.

    Sakyamuni Buddha disapproved & considers the stars, fortunes; destiny materials as 'outside path' & we are not looking inwards but outwards.

    He believe that:
    Cultivation automatically can change one's destiny.
    Cultivation can merge with the PATH.
    Cultivation's power/strength surpasses all powers/strengths.

    For a Tantrayana yogi
    cultivating [clearing calamity]; 
    [increasing all benefits]; 
    [suppressing 3 Poisons]; 
    [caring/loving kindness for all], 
    these are inner sentient realm's methods to change one's destiny.
    It's effects overshadows all destiny!

    Thus, Buddha denigrate these as [destiny's fibs].
    A Buddhist student do not need to put too much weight/belief in destiny, only use them as references.

    Dear all, do not go astray or make things complicated for yourselves.
    You really need to stay Focus and listen to GM Lu.
    Remember : 一心不乱! 无心道人!立断! 解脱! 自在!
    A Heart that won't be messy! A Person on the Path without Heart! Instant Severe! Break Free! At Ease!
    Is there need to change your name?

    Cheers all

    Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
    Lama Lotuschef

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