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Believe it or not, SZ spoke to me 相信否,师尊跟我讲话

  • Pure Karma - SZ Spoke To Me? [1]
  • Extracted From above:

    Recently: From YY

    Hi Fashi,
    This morning I asked GM to give me calm and peace.

    Believe it or not...SZ talked to me in video cause I finished l...... and continued my office matters.

    He began his speech about last time and now....then I think over...yes last time and now is so different. Because now we are more experiences more dynamic and more independent.

    We are not perfect but in our heart we solely respect dearly to GM, Fashi, pusa and our parents.

    What you have mentioned we are hurt initially but SZ explained that is because Fashi loves us dearly and do not wish to see us downfall. This immediately hits us very hard cause we have hurt you too!

    SZ also reminded us NEVER retaliate to 2 important person in life. One to Fashi and the other is our parents. Cause our parents gave us our life and Fashi gave us nourished Spiritual/Buddha Path.

    SZ said "要做一个有良心的人"。

    Last nite, I had one of best dream...I dreamt that we were busy with Fire like helping people a section of Fire Puja...happily...laughing and talk loudly. Then, we look at our watches...and realised that is almost 3pm which is our own Fire Puja....then we all laugh even louder...and running rushing to our was so happy...CS and myself were in the car saw you and the whole gang...waving..still laughing...and all squeeze in the car and go for the fire puja.

    Fashi I saw what "happiness" meant in Fire Puja.

    SZ spoke many issues of our mistakes, secret teaching and like your article is same same....

    Believe it or not....SZ spoke to me.

    We know what is your intention and meant well for us. We wish we can express better but sometimes short and sweet is better than long winded.
    Deeply appreciated for awakening us. 感恩法师。


Dear all,
I hope that readers get some ideas of how SZ might communicate with you.
Therefore, best to chant SZ's mantra when you think you are seeing SZ.
If Genuine, SZ's image or voice will stay!

As to "Believe me, SZ spoke to me..." , writer forgot that Lotuschef, recipient of her email, "Can always check with SZ"! :)

Once again, a Discerning person and a true yogi, can not only "SEE" but "READ" YOU pretty clearly.


Monk Xui Yun is abel to see all his students walking around in the garden and their activities, this is generate appearance of linking strength, possible from within meditation, after appearance of pure light.

Or Knowing others' heart (Mind), we know what other people are thinking, from the reaction of within your heart.

Heavenly eye's phenomenon is a from a fluorescence screen within our own brain, when your eyesight adjust, what you need to know will appear in the fluorescence screen.


Dear all, 
The series of articles on "SZ spoke to me", surfaced early this morning in a Chat with GM.:)

What are the Criteria for Visions and Sightings?

Therefore, readers can now make wise decision of the validity of claims by any person of sighting of GM Lu or any Divinity!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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