Friday, October 28, 2016

「無干涉」是我參出來的 I Realised [No Interference]

Terjemahan Indonesia: Aku Menyadari [Tiada Keterlibatan]
English Translation inserted by Lotuschef.

Someone asked me, You, Lu Sheng Yan, after Nibbana, leave what verse to teach sentient beings?

I replied: No interference.

People asked: Why no interference?

I replied: Actually I founded True Buddha School, this religious school I do not interfere with.

People asked: How can this be possible?

I replied: True Buddha School is an Illusion of mine, is without heart meaning, that is I am without heart, school's directive is without heart, temple, chapter, association also without heart, arise & demise naturally, arise with affinity and demise in absence of affinity, I have no mind to manage it, let it arise or demise by its own will, thus no interference.

People asked: Isn't School's directive to succour sentient beings?

I replied: From ancient times, Buddhism is founded by Sakyamuni Buddha, then it transformed and exhibited, there is primitive Buddhism, sector division Buddhism, Mahayana, Vajrayana. My school's directive is similar, transform and exhibit in future in the same way. Not up to the founder. Also, from ancient to present, people are ancient, people are also present, up and down ancient present, not many and not few, succour here and back, similarly. Thus no interference.

People asked: Since like this, why cultivate?

I replied: Because no heart, thus perceive mountain river great earth, with no difference. Because of No interference, worlds of 10 directions will not give rise to Greed, Aversion, Ignorance. Realised nothing to attain, immediate severance of troublesome thoughts or worries, this is cultivation.

People asked: Isn't cultivation abiding disciplines?

I answered: As Head, do not give rise to Greed, Aversion, Ignorance, this is thus Not abiding anywhere, thoroughly.

People asked: No Interference is truly the highest plane of realisation?

I replied: Ordinary lifestyle only. Not affected by interference from outside world, a steadfast or unmovable heart only.

People asked: How does GM Lu achieve No interference?

I replied: No need to hesitate or be undecided, no need to doubt and fear, only straight heart, know illusion and leave illusion, no interference.

People asked: Sound and form for you is what?

I replied: All sound is all sound, all form is all form. No heart, sound is not sound, form is not form. Only sight brightness of own heart, just like clear moon flower outside blue sky cloud.

People asked:Won't you think of the future of True Buddha School?

I replied: Before attaining realisation is True Buddha School, after realisation original without or empty or don't exist, where have interference.

People asked: When Thubten Da-er-ji master enters nibbana he said one word: [clean pure], would like to ask, is this clean pure void?

I replied: No interference is clean pure. Say void not void, say exist not exist.

People asked: Those that greed for name, gains, temple, chapter, association, territories, how do you perceive them?

I replied: Blind!

    Can you realise what GM Lu is teaching you in the above article?

Does it matter to you now, how others choose to deal with their $$$?


Please wake up and stay awake!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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