Thursday, October 13, 2016

Playtime? 嬉戏时间?

Above: Master in control of Flying swords.
Below: The Good & Evil masters flying towards each other to meet in battle.

 Above: The Flying swords sent out to target the evil forces/army.

Above: The Evil master (Green light) in defeat,with a shoal of flying swords coming his way from the Good master (blue light).

Lets have FUN!

The above are screen-shots from Episode 1 of Chinese Serial Drama ~~
The Legend of Chusen - 诛仙青云志
( translated as 诛仙- all fairies or deities;   青云 - green cloud  志 - will or purpose)

Please remember to invite Root Guru, GM Lu, to this Playtime! :)
I mean - you need to have GM Lu's tutelage to have FUN from here on!

This is strictly without Prejudice on all reference materials shared herewith!

The story unfolds with the Good Master raining shoals of flying swords directed at the Bad Guys or his Opponents!
And the Good Master stood on HIGH-ground looking down on the forces engaged in battle, with him sending Flying swords to aid the Good or Righteous army! 

However, the appearance of the Head or Leader of the Evil forces and the subsequent battle that ensued between Evil & Good masters is a little Contradictory!

With the Ability or Power to send Guided Swords flying out targeting only the Opponents from where he stood, does this good master even need to move or fly towards his opponent, the Evil master?


My humble view is that he can maintain his stance or position and send out light energy to take down his opponent and there really is no reason for him to Close the Distance between himself & his opponent at all, agree?

AND, with his mastery of the Flying shoals like guided missiles targeting only his opponents, is there need for the Good forces'/army's presence at all?


A True Yogi can direct energy to Targeted subjects and location without leaving his seat!

Go watch and have fun, remember to apply Tantric Dharma along the way!

Have FUN!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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