Monday, October 3, 2016

名校 Prestigious School

 Above & Below: Can you see the light orbs? 你看得到光球吗?

English Translation inserted by Lotuschef.

Dad's elder sister said: Took so much to help you enter a [Prestigious school]. You must not lost face for me! ......

  • 没完没了!Non-Stop!
  • Extract:
  • AA: 閉在眾生巳經比攪佢地攪到迷失左
    AA: The problem is that sentient beings already let them play until lost themselves

    BB: 嘻嘻!师尊话:今世度不成, 就等来世再看有没有[缘起]
    BB: hehe! GM Lu said: If can't succour this lifetime, then wait and see whether have [Affinity Arising] in coming lifetime

    AA: 呢排睇到咁多是非, 難免起煩心
    Seeing so much disputes of right or wrong, cannot prevent disturbing mind from arising.

    Its good to have your Rightful Pointers.

    Originally there is a group of fellow students that are like primary school chicks.

    Keep saying this reverend was delisted by people, don't get close (in other words - stay away from this person).

    要眾生供食最好,買Iphone .比比皆是。

    BB: 身口意清净! 嘻嘻!
    BB: Pure Body Speech Mind! Hehe!

    Question! Ordained equals to what?

    License? (Refer to reverend listing of TBS
    What is it?

    In or out of this world [definition]?

    Since school's admin already publicized that Each cultivate on their own, equal and free! Then have License or not, no difference! 

    明天去耶城玩! 嘻嘻!
    Tomorrow go play in Jakarta! Hehe!

    Hahaha! Just recalled GM Lu said: Drape Fur & wear horns to pay back!
    [means this person enters Animal Realm, one of the 3 lower realms of transmigration.]

This is a sibling of PRIDE that feeds one's Ego! :)

BUT, those that were force to help maintain these Prestige or Pride in order to Feed someone else's EGO, Suffer!


To discredit someone, bringing up that a delisted reverend has no license and therefore must stay away or clear of this one without a license!

What purpose does a License serves in a Buddhist Assembly?

Ordination as a Monk or Nun, for what? Means what?

Like Cultivation, Ordination & Disciplines for a True Buddhist means a Self set goal in motivating self along the Boddhi Path to Nirvana!
像修行,出家和戒律对于真佛子的[意]- 就是自定目标走菩提道迈向涅槃!

It really has nothing to do with being Licensed or not or listed or not!

When others slander Buddha, or for example GM Lu, does these slanderous garbages foul up a Buddha or a Living Buddha like GM Lu?

To each his own!
Each one has their own choice to act or not, upon their own perception or upon others' orders or directives from others' perceptions.

Like primary school chicks?
That sadly is the Truth of many mortals!
They gave away control of their own lives to Others that exhibit Illusions that Sentient Minds adulate!

Grateful thanks to these Ignorants slanderers or defamators, a Clear Demarcation surfaced, pointing to who to spend time sharing dharma and who not to waste time on at present! :)
很感谢无明的毁谤者们, 浮现了明显的跨分指示 -目前该花时间给谁分享佛法! 

Birds of a Feather flock together!

When you Think & Act exactly like the Ignorants that gave you directives, you are lacking in Buddha Affinity.
Thus, you hinder yourself and block out Buddha's succouring attempts!

If you believe that One need a License to share Dharma in this Saha world, then you are really not worth my time at all!

Being Ordained means One's Renunciation of Sentient World and all associated Suffering produced by the Poisons of Greed, Aversion, Ignorance derived from the SIX Thieves or Senses!


    Seeing so much disputes of right or wrong, cannot prevent disturbing mind from arising.>>

Seeing is one of the Six Thieves!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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