Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[护轮]~ Protect Chakra

English translation inserted by Lotuschef.



Living Buddha Lian Sheng has realised [Nothing to attain], thus instant severance of [Troublesome thoughts] or Suffering.

Only a fool then have [Troublesome thoughts]; everyone also can say Don't bring with birth and don't bring with death, but still can't realise still have [Good Fame], [Good benefit], therefore have [Troublesome thoughts].

Like TBS' big matter, like in GM Lu's life, even before one turbulence subside, another arises; being founder of TBS and not fixated on her future, TBS if "ding ding" (means demise), also no worry, only return to Origin, this is understanding [nothing to bothered about], this is thus Living Buddha Lian Sheng's mindset!

Who has attained Buddha's wisdom, cultivator must know how to discern....

GM Lu's original facade on current status - everything is [Heart filled Mind enough], all that everyone gave already enough.

Cultivator cultivate to complete [white], then is Attain Buddhahood.



On Lamdre today: 
Not sunk upon [Methods of Convenience] & Not sunk upon [Methods of Wisdom] or a combination of both.
Ways to guard:-
Methods of Convenience - 8 counts;
Methods of Convenience - 8 counts;
Combination of both methods - 14 counts;
Total 30 ways.
These are common hindrances encountered during cultivation, and elimination methods of these hindrances.

GM Lu said that when he encountered Hindrances, his guru told him to cultivate [护轮]~ protect chakra.
Means cultivate dharmapala dharma.
GM Lu said he cultivates Dharmapala dharma daily without missing a day.

GM Lu said to guard self in sleep, he will chant:-
And Golden mother of yao pond will appear to make decision.

Yidam appears and beams white, red & blue light into tianxin, throat, heart chakras.
The cultivator in turn beam these 3 lights into the universe from respective chakras, and then a canopy like a mosquito net descends enveloping cultivator and his bed.
Within this protective shield there are white, red and blue lights.
GM Lu said this type of visualisation is very easy.

  • 13-3-2011 Power of Mantra 咒的魔力 【1】
  • Extract:
    My breathing started becoming a little difficult because of the pressure on my chest, and my brain started getting foggy. I didn't open my eyes though as I was afraid of what I would see, but I mentally started chanting the "Zun Sheng Zou" over and over again. And about 5 to 7 repetitions, I felt the pressure lifting, and in my third eye, I thought I saw this greyish-green, irregular shape get blasted away by a pretty blue-purple round fireball (the fireballs I usually see).

    Shortly after this, I thought I saw in my third eye the back of Grand Master in his Long Pao and ceremonial Hat. [Grateful to GM for saving me.]


A combination of White, Red & Blue!
When chanting High King Avalokitesvara Sutra, lilac balls of shimmering light darts in and out of my vision. 

I hope sharing the "lilac" color can help you in visualisation of being shielded with a canopy with white, red & blue lights.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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