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搞什麼『養鬼』Why Rear Ghost

English translation by Lotuschef.

The following article is a dialogue between GM Lu & an enthusiast in "rearing ghosts".

蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 256_拜訪大師 > 搞什麼『養鬼』

(The Truth of Rearing Ghosts is being friends with [Low level spirits)

He asked me: Great master! Heard that rearing ghosts have benefits, what are they?

I replied: The Successful in rearing ghosts can earn big money, great fame, controlling strength and gains, can also be attractive to women.
Wealth, Sex, Name, Power, all can attain success.
BUT, on the other hand, if can't get strength from rearing ghosts, beware of getting repercussions.

He asked: Great master! How to rear ghosts?

我答:I replied:
『其順序是:Its order is:
ㄧ、召請鬼。Invoke ghost.
二、供養鬼。Do offering to ghost.
三、與鬼誓盟。Make a pact or form alliance with Ghosts.
四、用鬼。』Use ghosts.
He asked: Some visit Thailand to invite and bring back small ghosts, invoke, do offering, wait for ghost to come attach, finally use ghosts, is it like this?

I replied: Exactly like this.

He asked: How to know ghosts have arrived?

I replied: Offer incense - not wind but smoke vibrates. Ghosts appear in dreams, have feel of ghosts, develop illusion of sight, hearing, feel, at this time have alliance with ghost, after this will have help from ghosts.

He asked: What are the signs of Ghost-help?

I replied: Artists rear ghosts, fans & fame increased greatly. Politicians rear ghosts, get great control and power, lots of public support. Religious persons rear ghosts, lots of public take refuge and their scopes become bigger. (Get Ghost-linkup)

I said: Fate/Fortune tellers rear ghosts, have ghost-feel, extraordinarily efficacious, received public's respect and adulation.

He asked: Why current generation's trend is like to rear ghosts?

I replied: Easy to have spiritual union. Also easy to get benefits.

He asked: Scope of ghost rearing?

I replied: Pray to [Have response deity], [Hundred surnames deity], [18 kings deity], [little city king], [fox spirits temple], [fox spirits], [plate spirits], [Ying residence - ghost realm] , [ demon residence], all these. Rear [fetus spirit], [small ghost] too.

He asked: Is this cultivation?

I replied: Evil demons crooked path. (Get ghost link or alliance)

He asked: Are there differences from the Straight(Righteous) path?

I replied: Offer to Buddha, Bodhisattva, Vajra, Dharmapala, All heavens, is Heart's spirit in upwards direction. Offer to ghost, Heart's spirit in downwards direction, due to Greed then descend to 3 evil paths.

He asked: Great master! Anyone in TBS rear ghosts?

I replied: Have. But can't tell!

He asked: Ghost will turn around and bite?

I replied: They will. Ghost is not uncomfortable, sure will turn around and bite. Those that offer to ghost, in future will enter ghost's activity or 3 evil paths. Therefore, why rear ghost.

GM Lu talks about Southern Transmission of Thai-Buddhism and most of them rear ghosts to work for them.
Most of the ghostly spirits are that of dead foetuses or their powdered remains.

BUT, rearing ghosts will land the rearer into the ghostly realm and rebirth there too.


GM Lu said that most people tend to rear ghosts or form alliance with ghosts because to them, its a speedy and easy way to attainment of material wealth and a luxurious materialistic lifestyle! :)

[Leave TBS]?
I sincerely hope that most Realised what GM Lu meant when He spoke these words to me, way back in 2011!

Stay away from those that are out to seize your wealth and take control of your life, dictating to you hence!

Hell or Heaven?
All from Personal choice!

The then reverend Lian Lai "advised" me to donate all my assets to TBS when I become Ordain! :)

Next, during dinner with Lian Lai & the 'Green Lotus', 'green lotus' spoke of financial problems arising from his financial backers' disputes.
He needs $$$!

As GM Lu has shared, don't listen to those that [Talk Money]!
GM Lu also brought up that Lian Zhe - Caotun's abbot, attempted to give all his wealth to GM Lu when he has decided to be ordained.
GM Lu refused to accept the funds!

I also heard from a fellow-reverend that he donated his assets, including the ownership of a temple to his local branch headquarters and he was ousted from the temple!

When you decide to cultivate Buddha Dharma, Your main target is Buddha's key teaching of Leave Suffering to Attain Happiness & Self control of own's Life & Death!

Don't get side-tracked by anyone!

Listen solely to your Root Guru and cultivate accordingly with diligence!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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