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千萬不要供養「鬼」!Do not give offering to [Ghost]!

English translation by Lotuschef.



As per GM Lu: Do not give offering to [ghost]! 
This is also spiritual union method, you give offering to it, it will come get close to you; you also release ghost to mislead others to that their hearts become unsteady, heart all is ghost; you pay homage and pray to ghost daily, how can not be [ghost linked].
Transformed into ghost and yet self not aware, because you are together with ghost,  spiritual union with ghost, everyday bring ghost's talisman, how can you not be spiritually united with ghost?


AA: they are also hinting that others are possessed by ghosts!
bcos they don't want ppl to believe me too! hehe
zz' s followers are making lots of noises!
but zz is really using ghosts lol
hehe! at least zz knows how to use ghosts n xx don't know
ff also good at using ghost
so is yy jiao shou shi
Core omitted the methods that Gm shared on guarding or shileding
so I explained one of them! :)

our blog really has lots of goodies to draw reference to when needed2
the red blue white light inside the mosquito net is Lilac! - 
mm saw them as fire balls n I saw them as light shimmering balls
light orbs!

BB: i happen to love lilac tone too
oh they omitted the method?
hahaha what a weird write-up then
it's so bad then, GM even said "please do not worship and make offering to ghosts, as they will hit you back when you stop doing so"

AA: ya thats it! one gets controlled by ghosts eventually being unaware of the service fees that ghosts charge
anyway, core should think deeply before committing themselves to words though!
shimu possessed by animal spirits! is a big deal to their detriment lol
n the cheeky ghosts like vv - from tt!
placing mahabala all around at doors n fireplaces, sealed up the whole house, then sleep very well :)

the transformation into dorje method.
all these were not mentioned in the write up
but mostly threats of ghosts n evils

BB:  :)

AA: n today i wrote the They want blessing! points to methods of convenience that all beings craved!

BB: yes

AA: Timing is real good! The homa on saturday evening, n GM 's speech next morning 11am our time!
rr is addicted to wenshi thats why he is in trouble
GM also clarified that what he wrote into new book is not targeting a single person but for all beings!
hahaha! mortals tend to pick n deduce what they like n use as weapons claiming has GM's directives
and mentioned that shimu sleeps well daily after GM does the protection chakra practice
so shimu really can't even do what Gm said "Its so easy" to do!

BB: yes hor
the hints were clear

AA: ya. skipping over surface reference but very clear that shimu can't do easy practice at all
then shimu can't sleep bcos lots of troublesome thoughts....:)
n only idiots n fools have these ...  and are troubled by them and so ???

BB: bad for the business
and her ego might be tickled too

AA: with all these from Gm, of course more will rise n hit back at admin lol
all in shimu don't cultivate thus can't save herself!
what she said lacks credibitlity
n same with core, publishing garbages!
exposing their lack of true dharma realisation from diligent practice

GM said without TBS also can!
hehe! and core fighting to uphold a TBS of their own fabrication!
delisting reverends n VMs n chasing disobedients out of their TBS!
GM said: open your eyes real big n see properly who is fool or idiot
who has got buddha's wisdom, u should be clear n understand..

Hahaha! so don't believe the garbages churned by fools n idiots!

BB: yes, GM said those things too

Giving offering or Gong Yang Ghost?

 Above: From left - tray with special dedication from fellow student to Earth deities of their home and workplace & also to their ancestors;
Tub - charity offering to all homeless spirits & deities.

Offering to ghosts and giving in Charity is different!

In making offering to ghost, if you are thinking of getting their help or services in return then you will be consume by ghost.

However, with Charity in mind and no expectation of any returns to benefit the one giving the offering, then its a part of Boddhicitta - Formless 3 Wheels 三轮体空!

When there is no giver, no recipient and nothing or no materials transacted - then the offering to Homeless spirits and deities is Void of nature!

GM Lu said when One merges into the universal void, then ghost can't attack you anymore!
Likewise when you do offering with practicing Boddhicitta, the Formless 3 wheels in mind, no ghost can ever harm you!

For those that panicked after GM Lu's speech was splashed across many forums, wake up and relax!

Sensational reporting does not contain GM Lu's true intention or teachings!
Remember: Armed with authentic Buddha Dharma and practicing according to your Root Guru's guidances, nothing will happen to you!

However, if you believe and act out what fools and idiots teach you, you chose the swiftest way to Hell, a Hell of your own choice and others' making!

As GM Lu said: Open your eyes big and see clearly!

With metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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