Tuesday, October 18, 2016

放空 Voiding


2. 做四无量心观 Four Immeasurable Visualisation

Visualise that we are filled with light, and emitting/radiating immeasurable light to share with all beings.

Next visualise that we merge with all beings into a great ocean of light.好,我们结莲花童子手印,唸莲花童子根本心咒长咒七遍。

Karmic Foes?
GM Lu said if you can Void all and Transform into Light, you have no more Karmic foes!

So, the KEY is whether you can cultivate a Mindset of Voiding Sentient Cravings for Materials that you think are necessary to your continued survival or maintain a certain lifestyle that you THINK can give you fame & fortune! :)

Remember in my maiden speech in Seattle Temple, on 7 Nov 2009, I shared the 4 Immeasurable visualisation and how you can transform into Root Guru, GM Lu & also transform all beings into GM Lu to cover the surface of global earth?

4 Immeasurable visualisation!

An Important KEY in your cultivation program that most didn't appreciate and don't approach with sincere diligence!

Whatever lies or allegations that you or others fed you to arose negative sentiments in you and for some of you, reacted in hostile actions, WAKE UP!

Spend more time to understand what the Buddhas shared!

开经偈指念经前所念诵的四句偈,其偈文是:Opening verse for sutra:

The Dharma is infinitely profound & subtle,
Difficult to encounter in immeasurable kalpas, 
Now that I have seen & heard to 受持 dharayati (receive & uphold with faith),
Vow to unravel the Tathagata's True Meaning.

The Opening Verse for Sutras is a VOW!
Have you been chanting it blindly?

Remember that Boddhicitta starts from first making a Vow?
Then you execute the Vow!
If you do not have true understanding of what you are Vowing, then best don't do it!
Else you will be Breaching the Precept that teach you not to Lie!

And in Lying, you create Negative karma for Self!

Remember GM Lu shared the story of a monk's meeting with Zen Patriarch, Hui Neng? 
A monk who has chanted 3 thousands repetition of the Diamond sutra and think that he is well above all, and didn't pay respectful homage to ZP Hui Neng!
This monk has not unravelled the Tathagata's True  Meaning at all!
The amount of Time that One spends on cultivation does not Automatically means this person has made any advancement on the Bodhi Path towards Nirvana! :)

Likewise for those that claim they are seniors because they have taken refuge with GM Lu for 30 or 40 years, and KNOWS ALL!
These are people that is real far from the Starting Point of the Bodhi Path!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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