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真佛宗 True Buddha School?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Ordo Satya Buddha?

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Quoting from 「無干涉」是我參出來的 I Realised [No Interference]:

[--- 我答:「其實我創辦了真佛宗,這個宗教派別與我毫無干涉。」
I replied: Actually I founded True Buddha School, this religious school I do not interfere with.

People asked: How can this be possible?

I replied: True Buddha School is an Illusion of mine, is without heart meaning, that is I am without heart, school's directive is without heart, temple, chapter, association also without heart, arise & demise naturally, arise with affinity and demise in absence of affinity, I have no mind to manage it, let it arise or demise by its own will, thus no interference.

People asked: Isn't School's directive to succour sentient beings?

I replied: From ancient times, Buddhism is founded by Sakyamuni Buddha, then it transformed and exhibited, there is primitive Buddhism, sector division Buddhism, Mahayana, Vajrayana. My school's directive is similar, transform and exhibit in future in the same way. Not up to the founder. Also, from ancient to present, people are ancient, people are also present, up and down ancient present, not many and not few, succour here and back, similarly. Thus no interference.


People asked:Won't you think of the future of True Buddha School?

I replied: Before attaining realisation is True Buddha School, after realisation original without or empty or don't exist, where have interference. ---]


    离开真佛宗?Leave TBS?

我常问  - 真佛宗对你来说是怎样的[存在]?
I frequently ask - What kind of [Existence] is TBS to you?

Many think that I am crazy and sprouting nonsense!

As per GM Lu, TBS is an illusion created by him!
Like everything in this Saha World, Impermanence dictates!
Similarly, Buddhism as founded by Sakyamuni Buddha has "mutated" into various divisions or sectors.

So what truly matters?

The KEYS pointed out in Buddha's teachings of course!

So, did I encouraged or instigated anyone to Leave TBS in the articles with this title? 
As GM Lu said, when you achieved Realisation or Enlightenment, you will look at TBS differently! 

If you had listened to School's admin and bombarded me or judged me based on what School's admin has fed you, then you don't have Buddha Affinity yet!

O! its too late to come seek help from me to cultivate now, lets see whether you will have anymore [Affinity arising] in this lifetime or not! :)

GM Lu said that for those that choose to leave his tutelage, just go follow your choice, BUT refrain from slanders & defamation please!

Hahaha! You have been used by people who you think are "in the know" and followed blindly!
You became the sword that these people waved and threatened others.
You became a mindless weapon that these people used to kill others.
At the same time, your wealth as in money & time & health, were resources for these people to create negatives that you have to make right!

Shouldn't you wake up now?

With metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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