Thursday, October 13, 2016

盛大的聚会 Grand Gathering!


AA: yesterday, while translating the article, i was beginning to understand why you wrote that they wanted GM to write in Words
to be used as the weapon
it happened at that time the 10 disciplines points that they wrote and used to corner others

BB: hehe! But those 10 statements weren't GM's !!!
even getting rid of sam n etc. GM didn't directly point them out!
all the work of core!
so its a matter of how strong your Faith is in your root guru n how much have you advanced in the path to yogic union with root guru!
say its a test of genuine or fake!!! :)

Delist? no problem!
slanders n accusations also no worry!
hahaha! thats a true yogi lol
as to whether you like n understand what I share, also don't bother me at all
Many are bothered by "recognition" not knowing fully what this recognition is n its properties!

AA: yes
"let the elders punish the disloyal students?" and was replied "nothing to do with me"

BB: the elders published that : each cultivate on their own n all equal n free! :)

AA: I was chanting TB sutra when GM asked me, what I think of Homa sessions that I have been doing :)

I told him its a grand party for all beings with GM presiding n guests by his sides and the whole universe is seated enjoying the offering which includes songs dances. Merriment is shared!
just like all divine guests arriving at maha twin lotus pond!
everyone is having a good time! 
and showers of twinkling stars bless everyone giving them what they need and want
so all registrants are transported to Maha twin lotus pond for a grand party with the whole universe!

Wed, 8:55 PM

If you paid attention to recent speeches by GM Lu, 
The numbers of attendees are given as A thousand 2 hundreds fifty!

Now, what did GM Lu said about this number 1250?
Includes all present - at the venue ~ land & sky....

From True Buddha Sutra:
[The above are the Attendees or Guests that came to the Maha Twin Lotus Pond, or True Buddha World! 
YES! The whole universal divines. ]


聖尊大慈悲。 無上秘密尊。
過去早修證。 離欲超凡間。
今創真佛界。 憐愍諸群有
化身為教主。 下降至娑婆。
善哉號蓮生。 為眾廣宣說。
我等均已聞。 當為大護持。
[The above details GM Lu's mission to this Saha World. Out of Compassion for All Beings, HE created the True Buddha World!]

Therefore, each event with GM Lu's or the White Padmakumara's presence, you are transported to Maha Twin Lotus Pond, partying with the Whole Universe!


Thats why, even if you can't attend, you can also do offering or sponsor offering or event supplies!

Pure Karma opens a doorway to these Grand Parties, your choice to participate or not!

If you can't afford to sponsor, then be one of those that are in need of succour!

Yes! Just accept Dharma Charity and when your situation improved, you can then help those needies! :)

BUT, do not slander Buddha Dharma and Genuine Dharma Propagators though, else the Succouring will never reach you because you shut the door to Divine Aid!


With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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