Monday, October 10, 2016

意志力 Will Power

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kekuatan Kehendak

Referring to the recorded sermon by GM Lu:

1. The Preliminaries

Before starting the cultivation, as a form of cleansing, take a bath and change your clothes, or you can wash your hands.
Afterwards, sit in a relaxed manner, straighten your spine, your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, and your eyes facing forward.

Start to hollow out by throwing away the stale air, stagnant air, and all the unhappiness.
In order to do so, you can yell “Ai” (Chinese word for “Love”) loudly.
You take a deep breath, hollow out from your Dantian (wiki: Elixir field, sea of qi), that is three to four fingers below your umbilical.
At your own timing, shout out “Ai” 3 times.

You should feel light, happy, and in the joyful mood.
You should be in this frame of mind before starting the cultivation.

Now take three deep breaths.
With each breath, visualise you draw in great amount of white light, slowly filling your body.

By using your mind or your “Will Power”, move this light to your hand and move your fingers a little bit, slowly move it downwards to your feet, toes, and move your toes a little bit.
All the time (while spreading the Light or Qi ) you are holding your breath!
And when your body is filled with this light, you should feel good.
When you can’t hold this breath any longer, again with your mind visualise you open all skin pores and emit the light outwards.

Just now you have thrown away all the black things, all the unhappy things.
So when you draw in the white light, it fills you, and you in turn give out the white light, so there is no more darkness.
As you have already thrown away the darkness, you are now lighted just like a light tube or light bulb.
When you switch on the electricity, that means you bring the light into you. It fills you and then you shine the lights outwards.
Like the energy-saving bulb, you get brighter and brighter.

So when you chant the Guru's mantra or other mantra, just visualise that you are that light bulb or that lamp, it becomes brighter and brighter – this means that you are sharing the goodness of the universe, the light, the energy, the brightness, and everything that is good with everybody.
Bear that in mind, Sharing! And you will do fine.

Now perform the three deep breathings and enter the cultivation. ---]


1. 做三个深呼吸



Yesterday, GM Lu said that we use our [意志力 Will Power] to mobilise Qi for distribution of Bindu droplets to all parts of our body including all our skin pores!

For those of you that don't put effort into the Preliminaries to Build Foundation, you can't catch on to what GM Lu is teaching you at all!

The 9-steps Breathing techniques too is of utmost importance too!

Not only is External Tantra inaccessible to you, Inner Tantra is too far out of your reach too!

GM Lu said he is an Empty Cup 空杯!
To be an Empty Cup, you need to [Hollow Out] all the contents in you and clean up the cup in order to Fill it with Dharma Milk 法乳, agree?

Even if you don't want to attend Pure Karma's event or group cultivation, I sincerely hope that the Initial Cleansing & Purification before each cultivation session be use to your benefit.

Use & Practice with Wisdom!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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