Monday, August 22, 2016

Offering Dedication to Jin-mu 呈供给金母

Terjemahan Indonesia: Persembahan Untuk Jin-mu

Above:这次金母庆生法会,一共有5个主祈。AA 是其中的一个。
For this event in celebration of Jin-mu's birthday, there are a total of 5 main sponsors/dedicators. One of them is AA.

Above & Below: See how gorgeous the fire is when sponsor's offering of stupa-tray of offering is offered!!!

22/08/2016, 12:54 -

AA: Luckily I do the jinmu health 
If not more misfortune fall on me lol  
Last nite admitted to A&E due to gall stones pain 
So CT scan n saw rocks drop into bile duct n need do scope to remove 
If u didn't ask me sponsor jinmu, I think will b worse 

Lotuschef : Hehe. gao wang jing n zhen fo Jing  
Jin mu can help u remove the stones too. 
keep chanting Jin mu mantra n visualise she reaches into your body shine light at your gall bladder n liver then take out the stones 

AA: Ok 
I hv nothing to do anyway except lie on bed with drip n wait for 6.30pm scope. Will chant 

Lotuschef : U can do offering to Jin mu anytime. 
just specify which one you choose n for purpose of health or overall wellness 

AA: Ok 

Lotuschef : U still Hv many hours so do as much as u can. 

AA: :)

Lotuschef : When u help old folks or anyone by shining light on them, u must remember their karmic enemies are watching. 
therefore, I advised u all to give to all beings n not single out anyone or group that u can see only 
taking on karma of others is scary cos it's invisible 

AA: Ok 

Lotuschef : whatever u do just chant guru's mantra as u carry out your daily routine. N you keep shining like a light bulb with GM in your heart chakra as the light source. so nothing to do with you. gm is sharing light blessing with all beings n thru you, a walking light bulb only. 

AA: Ok

Lotuschef : U didn't understand what I was telling you about doing charity


GM Lu stressed many times the Importance of Offering!

Also this is a crucial part of your first step into cultivation, the Resource Path! 

Let Go!

Thats the mindset to adopt when you are cultivating.

You seize to exist and just carrying out the necessary to help all beings as an instrument or magic wand, directed by your root guru or your principle yidam and dharmapala.

So Guru yoga, yidam yoga, dharmapala yoga, is what you need most.

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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