Friday, August 5, 2016

Why do ancestors offering? 为何供养祖先?

Above: Ancestors offering packs with lotuses in the tray.

Above & Below: Ancestors offering packs in the Stupa-print box, with lots of goodies added as toppings!

Ancestors offering has been shared many times in this blog!

The major reason for this offering is Filial Piety!
AND, providing for them well so that they lack for nothing is the goal! :)

In this 7th lunar moon, many do offering to ghostly spirits for peace and safety.
Remember one of my article highlighted that when these ghosts come and take offering, the fierce ones will win and get most of the offering?

So the meek and weak ones get nothing most of the times!

In order to right this "Injustice", we have Talismans to set out distribution rules, so that everyone gets their share from the offering given.

And, thats Boddhicitta in offering to those in need too!

If you can do so for ghostly spirits that has no blood-link to you, then why don't do so for your ancestors?

Burning offering without stating the Recipients, you actually give rise to the Strong wins and the Weak gets nothing!

And, do you want your ancestors to accept charity from others and fight with others to secure needed resources?

Remember, GM Lu said when your ancestors are well, you will be well too!

Don't make beggars of your ancestors!

AA: our CC registered for ancestors offering at 14:38! :)
[closing date is today, at 12 noon]

This morning at about 6+am, someone called me: jie ah. 
on my right side, while I am sleeping.
a few times & i woke up.
i chanted TB sutra in dedication and told the spirit that she can get help during our homa event.
its the voice of an old lady

BB: oh :)

AA: hehe! spooky?

BB: yes she can come to receive deliverance during the homa too

AA: ya lol!
I think she saw me give lotus, stupa n flower to the old lady next door lol
BB: :)

AA: I met my neighbour downstairs and helped her to push her trolley home. she bought a lot of incense paper, so I told her I will give her lotus n etc. and taught her to chant Namo amituofo when burning incense.
she registered ancestor offering later

BB: lucky met you who taught her the proper way to burn joss paper hor


This ghostly spirit that called out to me many times, needs resources!
I met her when I first shift in to this place.
She happens to be the late mother of my landlord.
Her descendants failed to provide for her adequately or forget to do so, or didn't do in right way?

Anyway, she is happy after my dedicating sutra to her and telling her to come join the party in next homa event.

Dear all, Boddhicitta is not difficult to practice!

Do it!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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