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修菩提心?Cultivate Boddhicitta?

Above & Below: [布施]诸神灵 -包括孤魂野鬼。
Dana - Charity to all deities & spirits - including homeless spirits and those in the wilds.

Above: 2 stacks of 7 trays of offerings to Deities & Spirits in one's residence - each tray for one day as the student is travelling and can't do the offering at home.
两叠七盘[供养]自家的土地神灵众 - 因为该同门外出所以没能在家做。

 资粮巨足时-我们可以大为[布施]- 供 10 或 6 份!
When Resources permits, we can give [Dana] - offering 10 or 6 times more!

Dear all
The ancestors offering packs or dedication of resources to your ancestors is S$25 only during specific Ancestors Offering Events.
At other events, these packs ar S$38 each.

Do you need to care and provide for your ancestors?
Your choice!

And most of you neglect the Earth deities and Spirits in your residence & work-place, GM Lu said you should care for these beings well then you can be well, remember?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef
AA: 我做 給祖先,做主祈人是沒有包括祖先pkg ,對嗎?
I do ancestors offering, doing Main sponsor is it does not include ancestors package?

另土地如何做?And how to do earth deities?

謝謝 Thank you

LL: 做主祈人是沒有包括祖先pkg。
Main sponsor does not include ancestors package.

土地及灵众 - 家里,办事处里及周边 都[供养]- 是师尊教的。
Earth deities and spirits - for home & workplace and immediate surrounding are [offering required resources] - as taught by GM Lu.

Did you help earth deity in you home to take refuge?

Did you offer incense after cultivation daily to earth deities and spirits?

如果没有,那就供土地神灵配套 -这份给诸土地神灵
If not, then you can offer Earth deities & spirits package - for ALL earth deities & spirits
每份 新币188 -是在[祭祖]法会,
Each pack SGD 188 - during [ancestors offering] events;

非[祭祖]法会, 每份 新币 888. 
Non [ancestors offering] events, each pack is SGD 888.

The above is [Dana/charity] to All earth deities and spirits in this Saha world /Sahaloka.

家里的土地神灵 每份新币 38
Earth deity & spirits in the home each pack is SGD 38

办事处的土地神灵 每份新币 88
Earth deity & spirits in the work place each pack is SGD 88

以上是[gong yang]给家里或办事处的诸土地神灵众。
The above is [Offering of resources] to Earth deity & spirits at home and at the work place.

Please help them take refuge.


1. 明白,謝謝!Clear, thank you!
2. 沒有皈依和化金 Didn't take refuge & didn't do incense offering
3. 好 sdg 188 入給你 Good. Will deposit SGD 188 to you account

4. 家的土地和辦公室的土地 Earth deities and spirits for home & work place
合共sdg126  入給你 Total  SGD 126. Will deposit to you account

Can I know how often to repeat offering to earth deity?

LL: 請問土地要多久做一次供養?
Actually, we do offering to earth deity & spirits daily after cultivation.
Just like we have 3 meals a day!

图为:两叠七盘[供养]自家的土地神灵众 - 因为该同门外出所以没能在家做。

所以, 你就尽所能吧!
Therefore, you try your best!

It doesn't matter whether you set up altar for Earth deity or not, because each place has one or more Earth deity.

And Needless to say about spirits. They exist everywhere!


修菩提心?Cultivate Boddhicitta?
Then start from your home and the immediate surroundings!

You have 3 meals a day, then can you at least let the deities and spirits in and around your home have a [Full meal] each day?

In fact, this is cultivating a small section of Resource Path only!

With Metta 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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